You, yes you!

Rants endless..
Ongoing anger..
Brows furrowed..
Expression irritated..
Smile lost in it all..
Do you even know what you have?

Out of proportion blown silly things..
Every word uttered is wrong..
Good intentions ignored..
Feeling in overdrive..
Nothing is ever right..
Do you realize the value of what you hold?

A pat on the head..
Someone to care enough..
To tell me right from wrong..
A hand to help..
Warm hugs for the kids..
Do you know how much I yearn for it?

With tears brimmed eyes, I watch..
Mind screams for you to stop..
‘What if’ rears its head..
Lost to time..
Lost to life..
Do you know what I would give to have what you have?


16 thoughts on “You, yes you!

  1. Its still time before Buzz and Bugz would know the meaning of this Comfy…but when they do I’m sure they’ll know the value of what they have! Hugs dear 🙂

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