bole to..

We had to go to someone’s place for dinner but had some important errands to run before that. We were making our way out of the mall when Buzz started asking for something. We told her there was no time and that we would get it for her the next time. Full blown tantrum commenced. D tried talking to her and tried some more and then some more. Some 5 minutes later while strapping her in her car seat, a fed up D said,

Mumma se puch lo, wo haan bolen to le lena.*

Nahein Mumma se mat puchho, wo manna kar dengi.**

came the reply in a little voice.


Yeah that was my reaction. So much for taking all the pains of trying to teach them right from wrong!

*Ask Mumma, if she says yes then you can get it.
** No don’t ask Mumma, she will say no.


18 thoughts on “bole to..

  1. Meri bathi nehi jali..

    “Nahein Mumma se mat puchho, wo manna kar dengi.” – Buzz said this? If so, it put you in a bit of a bad light, but …what’s the big deal yaar? I would be happy that the tantrum has finally stopped.

    Also, would make sure to put the other half in bad light when my chance comes. hehe.

    We are a little mean like that 😀

  2. No worries Comfy, she will understand it at some point in time… Just today morning, Chutku says “Amma beda, amma baithaaLe, Appa beku” *I dont want Amma,she scolds, I want Appa!” – so you see what happens when you try to bring in some discipline? {HUGS} you are not alone!

  3. see, look at it this way. would you ask someone something if you already knew they were going to say no? she doesn’t like wasting your time, that’s why.

    (no matter what, we’ll find a way to side with her :P)

  4. Oh yes..even I’ve to make do by being the ‘Villain’ at home. Darling Dad says yes for everything but Mom has to say no! No wonder A Jr is completely partial to A on most occasions. 😦 😦
    You have company Comfy…and we’re doing just fine by being bad as long as the kids learn. Isn’t it?? 😀

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