Wordless Wednesday – This is how we roll

20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday – This is how we roll

  1. I dont beleive Buz did this,amazing.I need to take lessons from her to make round chapatis 🙂
    I am sure the rotis tasted yummy….Buzz baby will you share with me? 🙂

  2. ha ha ha let me go on record and say Buzz has done a SUPERB, EXCELLENT work then what i could have done , you shud see IF and when i have to make them they are in god knows what shape..
    these ones are still round.. mine go in weird triangle-rectangle-round-square ALL in one hexagnal ..

    buzzzzzzzzzz you need to teach me how to do this little one ..


  3. Jaws dropped! Wow, they are all round na? When I was young, mine used to come out like Dog’s tongue 😀

    And isn’t it sweet of you to actually make rotis? All I let Mantam to do is play with one small ball again and again. I must let them do this. *Makes a mental note*

  4. Good job Buzz dear!! Hope she proves to be a great help to you Comfy when she’s all grown up and ready to take over 🙂
    Btw…not bragging here but my Mom says that as a child I too made awesome chapatis and she just couldn’t stop praising me…Am sure you’re a very proud Mom Comfy!! 🙂 🙂

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