Secret Tot Society – Rules

1. When one kid cries the other has to milaao taal se taal and cry along – after all there is strength in unity.

2. When Mom is feeding one kid, the other has to make sure that s/he poops – that is the only way to help each other looking half-starved and mom feeling guilty forever.

3. When one kid sleeps the other has to be up and rocking – else mom would get some rest and that is not allowed.

4. When Mom is eating one or the other kid has to get in to some kind of mess and come to her crying – which means we move to rule 1. Which in turn means the food is forgotten for a good half an hour till the kids are calm. Then we come back to rule 4 all over again.

5. Mom’s lap should never be left empty – always keep one eye on her and the minute she sets one kid down, the other should be there to be picked up.

6. If tiredness takes over both the kids at the same time and both are asleep and mom thinks to catch some shuteye, send thought waves out to the world at large so that the phone or the door bell rings.

7. Should Mom act smart and take a bath, throw up on her the minute she steps out – after all the default perfume for her is called ‘The Stink’.

48 thoughts on “Secret Tot Society – Rules

  1. lol.. hugs Comfy.. 2 & 4 mixed have happened to me many times when Adi was young.. As I start eating my food the girl will poop.. not once or twice but it happened so often that people at home started commenting as “Adi is just waiting for me to start my food” or “they ask me to eat if she didn’t poop for a day” 🙂

  2. That’s scary Comfy !!! I have been trying to keep calm thinking it can’t be that bad !!
    And now your post has proved it !!
    But some of these I have experienced with the first one itself.

  3. I don’t know if I am allowed to feel relieved that I am not the only one experiencing these ‘joys’ of life!!

    What do I say, Comfy! Hugs hugs and hugs. And also, welcome to the club! 😀 😀 Enjoy maadi!

  4. Funny girl. Secret rules itseems..

    They are all open rules out there for everyone to see 😛

    P.S 1 : Rule.6 is exactly why I think a 100 times before calling up a mom during times when she must be busy.

    P.S 2: You writing is so hilarious and you say you don’t have a phunny bone eh? Liar. We know better.

    1. What? They are not secret? 😮 Why did I not know about them? 😥

      P.S 1: We do get better with time, don’t we? Phew! there is hope.
      P.S 2: Me, phunny bone? where? *goes looking*

  5. mind you the like on the post is not for the mamma’s super writing skills but for the smarty tots’s troubling skills 😉 and no I’m not running for cover 😛

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