Everyday laughs

Buzz loves playing with her football and is seen sitting on it, throwing it around, dressing it up and of course kicking it. So much loving has resulted in a tear in one of the its seams. D looks at it and says,

Yeah to phat gayi.

Buzz looks at it and returns,

To yeah Phatball ho gayi papa? (So this is now Phatball papa?)


She sits with my Maami ji watching TV (some daily soap) and in true Bollywood style as the actress runs she trips and the actor, who just happens to be there, catches her. Camera freezes and they look deeply in each others eyes. Buzz,

Yeah I lub you kar rahe hei? (The are doing I lub you?)


Bugz is busy talking. Aaaa ooo aaiinnn. And I am talking back.

Oye gapoodi! Tu pura gapoodi hei. (Oye Chatterbox! You are a total chatterbox.)

Buzz can’t be left behind, now can she?

Buzz: Yeah gapoodi number 2 hei! (She is chatterbox number 2!)
Me: Gapoodi number 1 kon hei? (Who is chatterbox number 1?)
Buzz: Mumma!
Me: Aur aap kon hei? (And who are you?)
Buzz: Sabse bada Gapoodi!(The biggest Chatterbox)


She is running around. The ground is uneven and I tell her multiple times to be careful. But she does not listen and trips and falls. Now she knows that she will get a ‘I told you so’ from me so as she comes crying to me, hugs me and says,

Meinne ne galti kar de.* (I did a mistake)


Parachute hair oil ad is showing on TV. Buzz turns to me with eyes shining and a huge smile on her face.

Yeah Parachute bola? (They said Parachute?)

I nod yes.

Papa skydiver Parachute!


We are playing around and I ask her,

Mumma ko eak kissy de do.(Give Mumma a kiss)

She goes and kisses Bugz.

Me: Aur Mumma ko?
Buzz: Nahein.
Me: To Mumma ko kon kiss karega? (Then who will kiss Mumma?)
Buzz: Papa.


Buzz darling you give all of us sooo many reasons to laugh every single day. Stay the same always.

*Aap ne, tum ne, us ne: so she figures ‘Meinne ne’ is the right way to go.

44 thoughts on “Everyday laughs

    1. err..it could have been anyone from Nana to Bugz. Papa probably was on the top of the list because he is not with us currently and we are missing him like crazy. 🙂

  1. awwww! total kala tikka post..for all the time you didnt blog, this one is such a cute post that I dont even want to scold you….I love gaapodi..when I was a kid, my neighbours used to call me gaapodi..its only today I realised it means Chatterbox..mereko laga love se koi naam tha *Thanks Buzz for telling you are the biggest, I would have got a complex otherwise* Muah to both the sweethearts 🙂

  2. Please shower a bunch of kisses on Buzz on my behalf.

    She is the cutest 😀

    Phatball took the cake for me. She is so wittily spontaneous in her replies eh?

    1. She always needs to say something when asked a question. And some of the things she comes up with are just too funny 🙂

      Will pass on the kisses Seema 🙂

  3. a post after ages 🙂 …

    Buzzy know everything now haan.. a big girl .. knows who to kiss who he he he he 🙂

    The best one is Maine galti kar di.. Thats awesome.. she knows when she did wrong and that is a good sign she has her head firm on her shoulders 🙂 blessss

    1. She does not think in terms of right or wrong. For now she thinks in terms of how I will react to something and thinks up things so that I don’t scold her 🙂

  4. Gapoodi only she is 😀
    Talking about doing I love you and papa kissing Mumma and phatball? Really? Sense of humour at this age?! 😀

    I can’t wait till Gapoodi no.2 grows up and the two brats give us double dose of laughter 😀

  5. You Gapoodi No.1 you……Godawesome title from Buzz! LOL!

    ” Meinne ne galti kar de” – That one totally totally melted me away. You have no choice but to hug back and kiss the ‘boo boo’ then, do you? 🙂

  6. Awwwww! That is such a sweet sweet post! And Gapoodi is a perfect name too 😀 cant wait for when Mama Gapoodi has to manage both baby Gapoodis living up to their names!

  7. Ha! Really impressed with the relation – Phatball and Lub u?!! Suuper! And ofcourse Mamma ko Pappa hi kiss karenge na? 😛 Atleast there are no possessive issues there 😀

    And Buzz darling keep talking non-stop lets hear all you have to say Gapoodi 🙂

  8. oh my god she is totally fun , I am so much in love with this girl..LOL Phatball 🙂

    Its dam cute to hear her saying I lub you.. Sabse bada Gapoodi did she say that?so sweet..

    Lots of love and hugs to Buzz Bugs and their mommy.

  9. Awwwww sooo cute!!!!!! That ‘Meinne ne galti kar de’ takes the cake 🙂 Btw, she has grown so much!! I remember reading your blog last year, when she was much more a baby 🙂

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