Someday we will learn

The concept of a broom and a mop is fascinating to Buzz. She is seen following the maid every single day asking the same question over and over again.

Aap kya kar rahe ho? Lochcha (pochcha) laga rahe ho?*

Somewhere along the following and questioning she gets over excited and starts to jump and run around. And woooosssh she slips on the wet floor.

Screams of aaoovi have given way to sheepish grin but no lesson has been learned yet.


As Bugz plays, kicking her legs and rotating her hand, Buzz looks on. After a while she comes and holds Bugz hands down.

Hands down Bugz. No moving

she says. The minute she removes her hands Bugz is at it again. Over and over Buzz holds Bugz’s hand down. Over and over Bugz holds them up the minute they are let go.

Will there be a day when either of the two will learn, I wonder?


I sit with Buzz as she eats her dinner. When I see her making faces and getting restless, I know she is done. I tell her 2 more bites. She looks at me and says,

No, 4 more bites.

I promptly agree and make her eat the next four bites.

In some things it is so much better to agree with the kids is it not?


*What are you doing? Mopping the floor?

48 thoughts on “Someday we will learn

  1. Noooooooooooo but why learn.. they are having fun .. if both Buzzy and bugzyy learn then they will stop doing it and whats the fun in that ..

    fun is asking the maid LOCHA kar rahe ho he he he he and Bugz doing exactly what being stpped for 🙂

    that is wickeddddddddddd he he but good too instead of 2 she gets 4 now 🙂 so YOU are learning fast then :)…

    Bless both of them lots of love to them …

  2. Lol…the 4 more bites is funny!!! It is good to agree with them 😉 Hopefully this is something that will continue…

    And the falling down bit reminds me of this Simpson ep where art keeps touching something to get a minor shock but doesn’t seem to learn and keeps going at it! 😛

  3. LOL on the last one 🙂 Its nice to know that she loves what you cook eh ?

    and I love when you write about the interaction between Bugz and Buzz I find it so adorable 🙂

  4. Aww! I would LOVE to watch that hand catching and raising – I can imagine it being so cute! I hope they never ‘learn’ !

    Cool na? We can continue to agree everytime with the kids if they continue to insist on bites instead of 2!! 🙂

  5. Buzz’s getting into ‘Lochchagiri ‘ already? Cool 😉

    I am picturing the two kiddos doing what you wrote and relentlessly keeping at it! LOL

    As for the last one – I remember a friend mentioning that when she says “Will come back from work at 5 ‘o clock ok?”, she pleads with puppy eyes to say..” No, please come faster by 7 ‘o clock ok?” 😀 😀

  6. isnt it just amazing how we cans pend hours and hours with our lil ones and never even think of getting a book to read or catch a soap…comfy when you used to write about buzz i used to wonder, is parenthood so much i cant agree more 🙂

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