Currently we are..

Enamored with our A mama – we talk about him non-stop when he is not there. We talk with him non-stop when he is.

Fascinated with cows, dogs, horses – and the fact that all we need to do is step out of the house to see them.

Learning the joys of home-made butter – nothing we eat these days is complete without a dollop of the same.

Confused about the endless Nanas and Nanis – some new Nana or/and Nani come every single day to meet us. We can’t seem to keep a track of them all.

Angry with mosquitoes – they gave us aaoovvii in five different places in a matter of 10 minutes, one of them on our eyelid. Our right eye is currently swollen shut.

Pretending to talk to our Paa – all the time but for when Paa calls. Then we get too excited to say more than ‘Hi Papa’.

Enjoying bath time – with a bucket and a tumbler and all the water that gets splashed around.

Playing hide and seek – with sheet and blankets that are hung for drying. The cool, wet, clean sheets are so much fun to hide inside, so what if our legs are visible at all times.

Unsure about tu, tum, aap – so we use whatever we feel like at any give moment. So we speak like ‘Nana kya kar rahe ho tu’.

Waking up at 4:00 in the morning – just because Maa is up taking care of the little one. We greet the day with a huge smile on our face and start jumping right from get go. So what if Maa wants to sleep and keeps telling us it is not time to get up yet. And no it is not because of jetlag.

Excited about sleeping – next to Maa. Hence the waking up early.

Upset about our A mama – not being in town for the next couple of weeks.

35 thoughts on “Currently we are..

  1. blisssssssssssssssssssssss
    oh I love all those tooo .. doing all that .. oh what fun the little ones are having I seem to be getting jealous of them now.. AHH so bad of me…

    4AM no I cant od that 🙂 aftr ahving all that butter and Nanoi’s cooked food and the Lassi and all How can i get up yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    god bless them 🙂

  2. Such sweetness!

    India and everything there ( including the 156 relatives) brings out a different happy personality in them kids me thinks. Still recall Paapu in her bestest forms while there! 🙂

    Mosquitoes causing so much awweeii to Buzzie eh? Shooo…bite them back if they bite you baby 😀

    Have a great time Comfy. Don’t forget to share the pics when you have them.

    1. I agree. Buzz is having a blast here and gets everything she wants on top of that. One happy kid she is. 🙂

      err pictures and me, you know how bad I am at uploading them don’t you 😳

  3. Awww comfy, you and cure li’l bugz and buzz bunnies are the cutest!! 🙂 Hugs to all of you!
    P.S. good to know that the li’l ones are keeping you occupied and helping you face the hard facts back home…

  4. Awww! thats was a fun read…the mosquitos are troubling her is it?

    home made butter sounds heavenly..reminds me of my amma now 🙂

    hugs to buzz n bugz bugz taking in the change well?

    1. Mosquito nets are up every night now so we are good. And the eye is back to its normal size. 🙂

      Bugz is doing well. She has no clue that there is a change of place. All she cares about is her milk, her sleep and regular diaper changes 🙂

  5. hehhehe the confusion of ‘aap’ ‘tu’ and ‘tum’ 🙂 Glad you and Buzz having great time and b uzz is enjoying the home made bbbbutter 🙂
    Hope Bugz is fine too..

    1. Oh this aap tu tum is crazy I tell you. And on top of that she has figured out that everyone is to be called aap but she is tu or tum. How rude is that? So she calls everyone tu or tum 😳

      Bugz is doing well 🙂

  6. Awww! I *heart* the playing hide and seek bit – I can imagine her legs sticking out of the handing clothes 😀 How cute…

    And home made butter-ofcourse thats a luxury! So we will enjoy it na?

    Hope you and bugs are doing good too…

    1. All her hide and seek are a lot of fun because we have to pretend that she is not visible even when she is and this is just too cute 🙂

      Yes we are all doing good 🙂

  7. Such a happy, happy post Comfy. Made me smile all along. 🙂 Glad Buzzie is having a blast. I think India is more fascinating for kids her age. Kids below age 1 tend to get too overwhelmed on seeing the sudden crowds and being passed on to strangers they’ve never met.

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