Spin a tale

D and I are talking food as we drive to a kid’s birthday party. Thai food to be specific. D mentions that he feels like having Tom-ka-gai ,the soup. Buzz sitting at the backseat chimes in,

Tom kahaan gai papa?* (Where did Tom go papa?)


Buzz is having one of her without any reason crying spells. After trying to reason with her and get her to stop I give up and tell her to stop crying or she will get a time out. A few minutes later Bugz takes over from where Buzz left off. As I try to soothe Bugz, Buzz comes up with,

Timeout Bugz! No Crying.


Buzz and I are playing the tickle game. As I move forward to tickle her she screams,

Mumma dinosaur aa rahe hein! (Mumma dinosaur is coming!)
Kon mein? Mumma dinosaur? (Who me? Mumma dinosaur?)
Haan Mumma dinosaur. (Yes Mumma dinosaur.)
Aur aap kon ho? (And who are you?)
Buzz dinosaur. (Buzz dinosaur.)
Aah! Mumma dinosaur Buzz dinosaur ko pakadne aa rahe hein. (Aah! Mumma dinosaur is coming to get Buzz dinosaur)
Buzz dinosaur Nana dinosaur ke pass bhag jaayega (Buzz dinosaur will run to Nana dinosaur)
Nana dinosaur kya kar rahe hein? (What is Nana dinosaur doing?)
Nana dinosaur laptop pe hein. (Nana dinosaur is sitting with a laptop.)
Aur wo kon hei? (And who is that?)
Wo baby dinosaurs hei. (That is baby dinosaur.)
Baby dinosaurs kya kar raha hei? (What is baby dinosaur doing?)
Kicking. Usko cheddna nahein. Wo khel raha hei. (Kicking. Don’t disturb her. She is playing)


Buzz and I are out grocery shopping. One thing leads to another and I explain the concept of money to her. It goes something along the lines of ‘ Papa goes to office and works there. In return they give him money. He gives the money to us to buy things’.

Papa poins (coins) bhi dete. (Papa gives us coins as well.)
Haan papa coins bhi dete hein.
Buzz ka poin gir gaya 😦 (Buzz’s coin fell down.)

D had given her a coin one day which she would not let go. She took it to the same grocery store and after dropping it multiple times and picking it up, she lost it. Hence the sad face.


Buzz had fever one day. After a trip to the doctor’s office and a dose of medication I let her sleep. She is a picky eater and fever meant she would not eat much at all. After she woke up I tempted her with Paratha. Much to my surprise she promptly agreed.

Haan matar ke saath. (Yes with peas)
Matar ke saath?* (With peas?)
Haan matar ke saath.

I made Matar Paneer paratha for her. She took one look at it and said,

Matar ke saath.
Yahi to matar hei. (this is peas.)
No white white matar.
?? Matar to green hoti hei. (Peas are green in color.)
White white matar.
Oh butter ke saath! (oh with butter!)

Since then she never fails to say Bbbbb-utter ke saath. Bbbbb-utter.

*She never eats peas. Takes them out of her food if there are any. Which is why I was even more surprised.


She is growing up so fast but in some ways she is still a baby, giving us tons of reasons to laugh every day.

50 thoughts on “Spin a tale

  1. Oh yeah….small things like these add up to tons of memories…I find the kiddo version of things much more interesting…like for A Jr ‘dupatta’ is ‘dutappa’….he asks me to shut my mouth if I’m having a verbal spat with A….and yes he’s a big fan of Ra.one although he’s scared of him at times 😀
    The tom-kahan-gai and matar and butter confusion was hilarious! Buzz dear has her own style…she’ll always be a baby 😀 😛

  2. rofl post! i love how she says “bbb-utter” so that you slow coaches can read it correctly and cook correctly 😛

    she is OF COURSE a baby. what do you mean she’s growing up, hmpf.

  3. Aur papa ne kya jawab diya fir 🙂

    oops on losing the coin me sad too now .. usko ek aur do 🙂

    Right Mommy dear understand na Butter bola tha.. aapko Mutter sunai diya Not fair …

    ah bless her …

    1. Papa did not stop laughing to give any reply 😀

      It would be lost in less than 10 mins so what is the point?

      She actually said Matar when she meant butter. Not my fault 😡

  4. Chirpy doesn’t like matar too 😦

    Mella buzzie pie certainly is a baby and a cute one at that 🙂 mella bubblegum 🙂

    P.S. Bugz and Buzz being almost same in spelling,while reading sometimes gets mixed with each other…heheh I had to re-read the incident to get it clear that it was Bugz who took off from where she had left 😛

  5. Aww the preciousness of it all.

    Big laugh at the ‘white white matar’ ..would have been a face palm moment for you when the realization dawned na? 😀

    Keep the cute moments alive for much much longer sweet little Buzz 🙂

  6. Buzziepieeee.. I love you!
    I had a good laugh cos of the mater! 😀
    And Comfy, that is what my mom always told me when my baby sis would sleep. “Usko chedo mat. Sone don”. She had to tell me this even though I was a 6 yr old big girl!

    1. I have to tell this to Buzz if she is close by. For most parts she is busy playing to bother Bugz as Bugz sleeps. But I guess I say it often enough for her to copy me. 🙂

    1. That is the main reason I write these down. They are small enough that I will forget if I don’t have them here. But they are cute that I would like to remember. 🙂

  7. Wow, Buzz is such a sweetheart re.

    She acts like a grown up and gives Bugz timout. How cute!

    Lol on bbb-butter, love the way she makes her preferences clear.

  8. I am so late to this post and everything has already been said about Buzz, Bugz and her mumma!
    But, I’ll say it one more time – Buzz is such a cutie-pie. Loved this post!

    (For a change I think, Kau loves peas! He picks them out to eat! 😀 But Keer doesn’t like it either!)

  9. U said so right, kids grow up so fast but every day with them gives us sweet reasons to smile 🙂

    And Buzz is such a birght lively kid, life must be fun around her 🙂

  10. hey! Im with Buzz here okie – Where DID Tom go?
    Hmmm… Mutter and Butter – Im confused too, dont blame Buzzie for that 🙂

    Sweetie Pie Buzz – dont let Mumma tease you-continue to talk the way you do, love you…

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