End of a chapter

I had tears in my eyes. I could not string a sentence together no matter how hard I tried. I sat at work staring straight ahead but could not get any work done. My heart felt heavy with suppressed emotions and the guilt was overwhelming. I can never forget that day. I had just left my baby at a daycare for the first time.

This past Wednesday was another day to remember. I walked in to the same daycare to pick her up and there was a bag full of her notes for the day, her artwork, her spare clothes and a CD of her pictures taken over the course of the year, all waiting for me to pick up. There were warm hugs and goodbyes and promises to drop by often. She did not understand what the byes were all about. She did not know why all the teachers who have ever been with her stopped by to give her a hug. All she talked about was the cupcake she got to eat in class. She pointed to the picture of her reading a book with her teacher in the main hallway as she always does. She ran to the fish tank and said her byes and goodnights to the fishes as is the norm. She danced along the Christmas music playing outside the door. She walked out without even realizing that it was for the last time.

Me, well the emotional fool me could not control the tears. This place has given her so much love. The people here have helped her grow. They have taught me how to be parent. She has thrived under their care. I have become a better mom learning from them.

And then we cleaned up her cubby, said good bye and walked out the door. My baby walked out of her daycare for the last time.

As I sit down to give Bugz a massage, she sits next to me asking for oil followed by massaging Bugz. As I give Bugz her bath, she does her part by splashing water on Bugz and I smile. One very important chapter has ended and as sad as I am that my baby is growing up there is another chapter that has started. A chapter where bonds of love are formed. A chapter that warms my heart.

48 thoughts on “End of a chapter

  1. Ohh Buzz….how we love you just like everyone at your day care and are we glad that we won’t miss your tales like them (ok that will happen only if we keep your mom happy and let her snooze enough to write more and more posts about you) 🙄

    Comfy wishing you loads of precious moments to file away in your memories and of course in this blog, so that we can cherish them along with you. love to the 3 adorable ladies i know 🙂

  2. Buzzzzzzzyyyy is growing up.. So now all ready to go to school. Blessss..
    Loved reading I never went to a daycare .. But now with reading thw accounts of little one know a bit about it alll…

    Congrats to her she is already winning hearts I am sure she will win moreeee

    Lota of love and hugs to the little one’s keeping mummy dear busyyyyy…

  3. My mom had to send me to a daycare when I was a baby. And she tells me that I was the quietest baby there. All day I would just stand near the door waiting for Mom to come pick me up. And the only time I showed some emotion was when Mom eventually came.

  4. OMG OMG!!!!! I’ve been away for so long that Bugz has come and I don’t know it!! I know this is kinda completely foolish but ((((HUGS))))!!! :):):):)
    Honestly, when I was reading the post first I felt you made a typo, but when I found something amiss I went back to read it and the truth dawned upon me!
    Buzz honey is growing up and becoming the typical elder one…and perfect…like you said…bonds of love are forming….and she’s going to school now…wow! 😀 😀
    Please please give both darlings lots and lots of hugs and kisses from me today….God bless both…and yes Very Belated Congratulations! 😛

  5. wishing Buzz to have a smooth transition with the new start… Awwww she helps you to bath Bugz.. isn’t she a perfect big sis? love you Buzz..
    how is our smartie Bugz doing? is she allowing you to sleep?

  6. Okie…at the risk of sounding like a real IDIOT…so now Buzz doesnt have to go to daycare anymore…because her school timings will be long enough is it?

    I loved her love towards the cupcake…hugs hugs 🙂

  7. Aww what emotional sight it must be for you comfy…
    Buzz is a grown up girl now..so sweet of her to take oil and massage her little sis
    God bless buzz and bugz!!

  8. Comfy, my baby is 14 years old and I still remember the tears and emotions walking out of that day care the very first day. It is a memory that lasts a lifetime. But it for sure becomes part of all the good memories that add on along the way 🙂 Hugs to you!!

  9. Awww she is growing up so fast 😦 I so wanted to meet Buzz the baby, and there is Bugz already!!
    Hugs u two sweethearts and Mumma pls pls come to a place where we can meet u all soon 😛

  10. Have read so many first day at daycare posts in the blog world. But, the last day…read it from you first.

    And I can imagine how it brought you tears…

    Buzz may ask about her daycare , but she’ll soon move on. May there be so much joy and happy new beginnings at her new school 🙂

  11. Aww this is such a sweet post, and sigh that she is growing up so fast..its a fact that though initially they hesitate to go day care , its becomes part of their life, when Chucky goes from one class to other itself I go through this emotional situation, I just can’t imagine how we will take it up when we have to move out. Hugs to you all..When is she starting school?

    1. The change of class is emotional indeed and saying final byes is even more difficult 😐

      It will be a while before she starts school. I am keeping her home with me till I have some time off 🙂

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