One hour at a time

hmm I feel something in my stomach. Should I wake up? Oh but it is so nice and cozy here. Maybe in a little while.

Stomach is starting to complain, I should open my eyes. But that is so difficult to do. See open eyes and they shut off on their own. Open again, close again. Maybe I should make a little noise.

ummm ummm

Did she see, did she? I should have kept my eyes opened to see if she did.

This stomach thing is not happy. Where is she? Why is she not here already? Let me try again, just a little louder.

ummm aaammmm uuummmmm

No still not here. What is wrong with her? See now I HAVE to open my eyes. Nope, can’t see her. Turn head to the left. Not there either. Turn head to the right. Aahaaa there she is. What is she up to? Oh! the dishes are more important than me? I will show her.


Take that, now you come running. You just had to make me cry, did you not? Now a days seedhe ungli se ghee he nahien nikalta. Yes yes! Pick me up quick and do something about this stomach.

No no no! Not the diaper. We can do that later. Oh come on! That does feel good I have to say. What a relief. Now where did she go? grr forget washing your hands, come and take care of me NOW.

Phew! Milk finally. Yum yum yum. Why did she have to wake me up for this? I was happy sleeping. Why could she not give me my milk while I was still sleeping? OK the diaper thing was a good idea. I will give her that. God knows how it gets so messy every single time. Woman stop playing with my feet, can’t you see I am busy? OK one kiss and then shooo. Milk milk milk. Uh oh! I feel this acid thing coming up. Should I stop? Naah, just a little more and then I will. Oops too late. Pick me up quick quick and hold me upright against your shoulder. Much better. Come on burp, come on.


Nice! Now you can clean me up and oh well yourself as well. do I tell you this..OK let me just come out straight and tell you, ‘you stink’. Maybe after you are done taking care of me you should go change your T-shirt. BUT only AFTER you are done taking care of me. Aaahh yes, more milk. And remember from last time, help me burp sooner. Gulp gulp gulp. All done. Burp and done.

What don’t sit me down here. I am sleepy. Your t-shirt can wait, swaddle me first, rock me for a bit, put me to sleep and then you can do whatever you want. What else do you have to do while I sleep after all. No No you are doing this rocking this all wrong. It is 2 rocks to the right, 3 to the left, 1 right, 1 left, 1 up, 2 down, 3 right, 2 left, 2 up, 3 down, 4 circle and repeat. There much better. Almost there. Sleep. Keep rocking, don’t you stop. Rock 1 2 3, shake 1 2 3, la la la, zzzzzzz

Oh no no no, don’t put me down. I am telling you don’t. There see what you have done?


Now we have to do this ALL over again! Start rocking. Rock 1 2 3. Oh no, you are doing it all wrong again. How many tries will it take for you to get it right, I wonder? Gaah some people are so slow. Rock 1 2 3, shake 1 2 3, la la la, rock 1 2 3. Noooo don’t sing woman. See now we need more work. Give me some milk to get over the shock of your singing. Bliss! la la la zzzzzz…

You took away my milk? I should teach you a lesson but I will let it slide this once but continue to hold me, else there will be hell to pay. This is nice. I like! Nice and warm and rock rock rock 1 2 3..shake shake shake……..zzzzzzzz

What is happening? Oh she is putting me down again. Eyes open. Come on eyes open. Oh too much work, plus she will start singing again and who needs THAT? I like the song she was singing though. Very apt for how I feel about her. I will let her rest up for a bit as I think of the song.

Till the next hour then. zzzzzzzzzzz


64 thoughts on “One hour at a time

  1. Awww aww and going all aww on such a simple, love filled and straight from Bugz mouth post! 🙂 I think it is time I help Buzz and Bugz to take over this blog entirely and not let that mad singing woman post anything else 😛

    Comfy I swear, I couldn’t stop laughing when I read about how Bugz was begging you to stop singing! 😆

    and this was the song you were singing to Bugz? 😯 To make up for this grave mistake, next time you shall sing Na na karthe pear tumhi se…… 👿 😈

    psst psst I so wished Buzz will enter the scene and save the day you know 😥

  2. You had me smiling. Now Buzz has a competitor in smartness 😉 think when they become a team 👿
    I am in total awe with your imagination. Fun read !

    Try sinning some Helen song next time 👿

    1. Get me past this time Misty and then I will think of the future. Right now I can’t think straight 🙂

      No Helen songs. Too upbeat. I am thinking more in terms of Sehgal songs. 😛

      1. LOL I see musical diva in making here 😀 Bugz will tell in interview ” It all began at my mum singing me songs ” and you will wipe that happy tear ! Perfect ! 🙂

  3. Wow! its just so cute 🙂 Im imagining Bugz thinking like that exactly 😀 suuper. Logged in JUST to comment here. BIIIIGGGG Hugs to Bugz. And howz Buzz doing? And I can imagine how tired you must be with all this hourly activity – take care Bug(z)z ki Mamma!

    1. aww thanks RS for specially logging in to comment. I have started thinking of these dialogs at Bugz various actions, because I think that is what goes through her mind 🙂

  4. Oh Bugz darling don’t give mumma too much trouble. Be a good little girl, let mumma also catch some sleep .Take care Comfy … I hope she grows little bigger, not so big, we want her to be the little one don’t we ?

  5. ahh those newborn days..these little smarty pants know very well when mumma is trying to move them in bed….
    Bugz darling, let mumma catch rest sometime…
    take care Comfy….

      1. Chirpy still does that,sigh!!! She is fast asleep in my lap and the moment I move a little to put her down she’ll look at me instantly and give a naughty smile…hahah the thing is there is no room for us to get angry,not even for a single moment 🙂


      1. Lol…I never thought this way. I love how you interpreted Bugz thoughts and took time to post it.

        Darling Bugz..give mumma some rest and Comfy..may be you can assign the singing job to Buzz.

  6. Awwww! isnt this the sweetest thing ever…I LOVED THIS! you should like publish a book with these nuggets of love 🙂

    Hugs to Bugz…give her milk and burp her well okie? and rock in that sequence will ya?
    and Kisses to Buzz for not troubling you during this whole time

    1. Book and me? Naah! I am happy writing here 🙂

      That sequence is soooo hard RM, I can never remember it 😥

      You should kiss me for teaching Buzz to sleep on time and then making sure I got her to sleep before the drama started 😀

  7. You have immense imagination, Comfy! The post brought a biiiiiig smile on my face! 😀 😀

    And to the smart lady Bugz, enjoy all the love and warmth!! A big hug from S&S auntie, too, okay! 😛

  8. Awwww…i dont know whether to marvel at your imagination, feel really scared for all mommies around the world or just eat up that cute little bugz…oh actually it’s an easy decision – i shall eat her bugz!

  9. OMG, I never ever thought from a child’s perspective. Awesome post this and I love it! Actually the kids can sense so much more than what we think they can.

    I never ever let Mantam sleep in my lap. Call me a bad mom but I would just lay down by their side and pat and sing lullabies, so that my body also got some rest after juggling between the two! Wonder how much they would’ve cursed me back then…

    I was ROFLing at “let me just come out straight and tell you, ‘you stink’”.

    Lotttsa luv to Bugz and Buzz.

    1. There is no bad Mom and I can imagine how tired you must have been with taking care of two of them at the same time.

      We hold Bugz a lot more because she needs to be elevated for at least 30 mins after every feed. And I guess she is enjoying all the holding. 🙂

      and errr.. yeah I do stink 😥 😀

  10. Oh My God! For the first time ever I can SO relate to this! Hehe, especially the stinking T shirt, and the ‘you had to wake me up’ to the ‘stop kissing my feet’! Awwwwww, can totally understand what lil Bugzy must be feeling!
    Such a cute cute post! Sigh!

    1. Aah welcome to motherhood DI. Get used to the stinking T-shirts and the crying and all the kissing. As I always say it is a LOT of work but a LOT of fun 🙂

  11. LOL! Loved reading this, reminded me of two years ago with Nikki! Actually, come to think of it things haven’t changed all that much, she just keeps coming up with new and devious ways to keep me busy. Sigh.

  12. Oh, how I loved this post Comfy!

    The Bugz perspective! 😀 😀

    And I bet that is exactly how those little minds think. 😉

    You seem to have mastered the art of avoiding acid reflex now, almost.
    Also, work harder on the rocking steps woman..looked easy peasy ( not!)


  13. Such a sweet kid and Mumma is so naughty. Why bother about clothes and diapers when all we need is a lot of fussing? 😀
    Such an adorable post this one. Seems like a full time job. 🙂

  14. how dare I miss this one 😡

    Any way now that I’m here let me write my heart out 🙂

    absolutely loved the post,no doubts at that 🙂 You since I’ve a baby of my own I can properly relate to everything that you wonderfully describe here-your version and bugz’s version too 🙂

    O mella sota sota sa baby!!!! Give her little kissies for me…and when do I hear her again? 🙂 by the way let me tell you I’m seriously thinking about your suggestion of the trip…you okay?

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