Naming of names

I come from a family that believes in giving people they are close to names. Not normal names like yours and mine but names out of love. I was famously known to have 101 names, with everyone in the extended family calling me by a different name. I am sure no one ever really made a list out and counted them all, but there were so many that 101 seemed like a good number. And of course more the number of names means more you are loved.

The story goes that I was born with a head full of curly hair which was a first in the family. Owing to the novelty factor Maa loved playing with my hair, pulling them straight and watch them form little ringlets again. One day while doing the same she called me her ‘Laado kodo’ (I did tell you these names make almost no sense did I not?). Bhaiya who was playing next to us tugged at Maa’s hand and said with sad puppy eyes,

Keh lo, keh lo. Apni beti ko to ‘Laado Koti’ kehte ho. Mujhe to kuch bhi nahein kehte.*

Bhaiya in all his innocence while trying to call me with the exact same name that Maa called me by in fact gave me a brand new name. Maa immediately lay me down on the side and picked Bhaiya up but that is not the story I am telling. I am trying to prove that I was the most loved child in the family.

Now having been the recipient of so much love, how could I not pass it on? So soon after D and I got married he became the first victim ..err..recipient of my love filled imagination. After which I preceded to train him in the art of naming names. When Buzz was born both of us gave her our own set of names, to the point where she was heard telling her Nana,

Buzz mumma ka ‘x’ hei aur Papa ka ‘y’ hei.

OK so it was our big game to ask her,

Buzz kis ka ‘x’ hei?

while cheering her on when she got it right.

Nana not to be left behind calls her his ‘Laadu’ and Buzz promptly added it to her various names while telling people she was what to whom.

Cut to Bugz being born. Nana was talking to Bugz one day as he held her and happened to say,

Yeah kis ka Laadu hei? Nana ka.**

Buzz who was nearby was quick to question her Nana on the same, after all she was not ready to let go of HER name. Nana improvised under pressure to say that Bugz was his ‘chota Laadu’ while Buzz was his ‘bada Laadu’. Buzz was so pleased with being called ‘bada’ and Bugz ‘chota’ that she is heard saying,

Bada Laadu playgos (Legos) see khelta hei, chota Laadu to nahien khelta.***


Nana aapka infections (injection, the mark we all have on our left hand) hei, bade laadu ka to nahien hei. Chote Laadu ka bhi nahien hei.****

all through the day.

Then one day as she played with Bugz (err pulling on Bugz hand) she was heard calling Bugz ‘Kidoz’. And that is how while the parents still struggle to find the perfect name for Bugz, she has her first love filled name all thanks to badi didi. And I smile wide for I have successfully taught Buzz the importance of having and giving these names. She will ensure that the tradition moves forward never to be forgotten.  

*Say it, say it. You call your daughter ‘laado koti’ but don’t call me anything.
**Whose Laadu is this? Nana’s.
***Bada Laadu plays with playgos (Legos). Chota Laadu does not.
****Nana you have infection (injection mark). Bada Laadu does not have it. Chota Laadu also does not have it.

56 thoughts on “Naming of names

  1. Oh yes thats so true kids get so many pet names.When my nephew and neice were born each of my family member had a different names for them..

    Kidoz is sweet.I was smiling at Bada Laddu and Chota Laddu 🙂
    LOL on infection mark 🙂

  2. Awww. Even my name at home was given by my sis and that name became more famous among all family circle that when some one call me ,”Tharani” I feel a little awkward.
    Kidoz sounds too cute 🙂 . With track record of names given by buzz baby( home, balloon uncle), I am sure she is going to come up more loveable names 🙂
    Am I first here by the way or is comment moderation on???

    1. I was like that with one of my names till I got married. Now I am used to half of my family (D’s side) of calling me by my actual name. 🙂

      Sorry Garima’s comment was under moderation. 🙂

  3. Aww. little things that create great memories and bonds – i can totally understand how warm you feel when you are many people’s special something!

    and oh, please adopt me. i have a moron set of parents that gave me “different” names each time we changed schools because one parent did not like the name the other parent gave me.I have 7+ names. ppl in different towns we lived in know me by diff names and i respond to all of them 😐 the one i have now is the one i started with 😐

      1. 😮 😮 😮

        i have so many certificates with so many different names rays 😐 sometimes, my school life looks like someone who stole something from each school, changed names and went to a different school to study 😐

        dont you dare do that to little sachin/sachini.

    1. One of my Uncle did this with his kids as well. We never knew what their name would be from one summer vacation to the next. But tell me this, which name did yoy like the best?

        1. @ Abi/shanthini/ponni/lakshmi/saraswathi/parvathi: Abi, seriously? You have these many ‘official’ names?!! but i like ‘Abhiraami, Abhiraami’.. kamal isshtyle..

          @Comfy: this post brought back fond memories of my dad calling the sis and i by several other names than the one we ‘officially’ have.. and not one name would we be able to say it in the same way/speed with which he said- like jimpla, gumpi, dikkilu, jimikki , chijupal… hmmm…

          love the big and small ladoos!

  4. lovely post.. hey is this common with all household? I and my cousins have names too.. till date I have been called by that name by my family and relatives.. when they call you by that spl. name love also tags along right? I had a grandma who had unique names for all us something similar to laddo, gold, diamond etcc..
    And we are so used to this play “who is amma’s x, who is appa’s y?” Adi promptly responds.. I remember blogging about those names too like pattu, kutti, rajathi (tamil word for princess)…

    Claps to Nanaji for smartly handling Buzz.. the word “bada” reaches the kids in big ways..

  5. Ohh us too us too! I can really relate to this post. When my sister was born, I came up with the weirdest of names for her, all of them meaningless. Till date, I only call by a name I have given her, which to be honest, is awful. But it is full of love. Revs came up with a similar sounding, equally awful name for me, one that rhymes with the name I have for my sis, just to make me realise how it feels 😐

    Very happy to know Buzz and Bugz are carrying forward such a lovely tradition!

    1. He he! I knew you’d say this here Pepper!! About MY name for you 😀 I just knew it!!

      @Comfy: Write about something that I don’t know please 😉 *goes away feeling pleased with herself for having showed-off in this place after a long time*

  6. You know I loved ‘Kidoz’ the most…its too cute…

    Loved this post…I have never had a nick name as such..but dad always addresses his email to me as ‘Hi Kid’ its so adorable 🙂

    and oh yes even we have this thing about calling babies as kannukutti or kuttuduz and stuff…:)

  7. Lol…Buzz didi is establishing herself as the didi…kidoz indeed!!

    Given by the number of names, i give the tall one and he is “hopeless” attempt at doing the same, our future kids may never learn their real name!

    1. Nittie we are very smart. How did we come up with the name? Our teacher in daycare calls all of us kids ‘Kidoz’. We figured out that elders can call younger people ‘Kidoz’. Then we double check every now and then ‘Buzz bada hei? Bugz chota hei?’ And follow it up by calling Bugz ‘Kidoz’

      Now tell us we are smart!

  8. Cute post this! And like most of your commenters, my sis and I follow this grand tradition too. I call her by so many, badly mutilated names (I came up with a new one just this morning!). Thankfully, at home, I am restricted to 4- 5 names.
    My best friend had a baby 8 months ago – now, we had named our babies much before they arrived, of course. But ever since the little doll arrived, I have come up with a new name for her almost every other day. My favorite is Gultak Singh Hyderabadi (she is a half- sardarni baby with no connection to Hyderabad. Yes, that is how nonsensical the names get!).
    Your bada laadu baby and her little Kidoz are super cute – they are going to make for such son pari sisters!

    1. It is a lesson in creativity is it not? Think up all the craziness in the form of names 😀

      Gultak Singh Hyderabadi sounds perfect and that logic has no place in it makes it even better. 🙂

      And and Son Pari is giving me ideas for Bugz names. Let me go think about that a little more 😀

      Thanks Roxy for stopping by 🙂

      1. Haha. I read every post and I hear so much about you (actually, Buzz – her Revs akka is totally smitten by her :D) that I figured ki ab toh comment karna hi padega! 🙂
        Yes, son pari is one of my favorite phrases – it is just so beautiful. And it seems to fit your two babies, perfectly.

  9. I totally understand! I have a thousand names I call the The Dude with, and now Zo is in line for the same! In fact some of the names I give are so weird that my Mom ends up scolding me for it! 😐 But seriously, Buzz’s ‘didi’ behaviour seems so cute! 😀

    1. Getting scolded for coming up with weird names, that would be D. He can go nuts if not kept in check. 🙂

      Buzz didi is having too much fun with this didi thing 🙂

  10. Aww such a sweet post Comfy, I feel the love and warmth in this post, I love how well Buzz is bonding with her little sister. Kidoz is a lovely name, and when can I see these cuties. I am tired of imaging them..Is that Buzz and Bugs in the profile pic?

  11. Im not able to comment from office at all 😦 So Im last…

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Laddooos 😀 Suuper cute and I can imagine them as 2 small laddoos 🙂 And Im so gald that Buzz has fallen in love with Bugz to give her the pet-names 🙂

    After reading this-now I have to put up the names we all call Chutku 😀 hope you dont mind me copying the idea…

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