It’s a jungle out here

This year has not been nice to Mumma Comfy. What with her being sick and either eating unhealthy food or nothing at all at the start of the year, to worrying non-stop about sick Nani, to having a complete breakdown last month. No this year has not been nice to Mumma Comfy.

The tears and the sadness in turn set out a chain reaction of preterm contractions stressing her out even more. Emergency trips to labor and delivery, where Buzz didi would ask every few minutes, ‘Baby lenne aaye hein?’ Endless trips to the doctor’s office. Stress tests and amniotic fluid level tests and hematocrit levels tests.  The doctor asked her to reduce her stress levels. Did she succeed? To some degree. Were someone to ask me, if I wanted to be out just then? I would answer with a very strong, ‘Of course not!’ But then no one was asking me. Her weight was also not moving up but I can’t leave everything to her now can I? So I did my part and grew bigger, taking in all the nourishment I could and I grew strong every day. I also made sure to kick her real hard every now and then when I felt she needed to be told to take care of me.

But I have to give her that she did take care of me. She took her rests very seriously. Reduced her time at work by a lot, working from home instead. Nana moving his tickets to a couple of weeks early and being with her helped as well. And we got to the 37 weeks mark. Yay! I was full term. Which is when Mumma went in to her ‘let’s get work done’ mode. Things that needed to be bought were bought, which meant trips to the mall for me. Cleaning that needed to be done was done which meant increased number of random contractions for me. Food that she wanted to eat was cooked, which meant yummy food for me.

But I was greedy. I wanted to stay inside for a little bit longer. Mumma’s body was listening to my kicks and moves. We crossed over to 38 weeks. Mama rejoiced, placing all his bets on me arriving on his birthday. As if I would share my glory day with anyone else? The night of his birthday he sulked saying, there were 4 more hours to go and that Mumma should do something. Mumma laughed and went about making daal while Papa made rice. Dinner and dishes done, Mumma went to take a shower. She was on her way out when she felt some fluid coming out. She stopped in her tracks. Did her water just break? But it was just a trickle and it stopped after that. Was water breaking not this big dramatic ‘OH MY GOD’ moment which has the actress in the moves running around in frenzy? Nothing like that here. It was 11:00 at night as she picked up her laptop. Papa had to look up at that since Mumma just crashes and starts to count sheeps at this time every night. ‘What are you doing’, he asked. ‘Searching for some information’, she replied. A few clicks here and there and articles read, she called labor and delivery. ‘I think my water just broke’, she said, ‘but I am not very sure’. ‘It just might be lack of bladder control’, the nurse on the other end replied. Mumma looked around in horror and silently prayed, ‘please not THAT!’ The nurse asked her to do a few things, followed by lying down for a while and then to call in about an hours’ time either ways. An hour later Mumma called again with her findings and was asked to head to the hospital.

For two people who have been in a state of limbo for weeks on end, my parents were so not prepared to go to the hospital. There was running around to put the clothes in a bag, find the camera and its transfer cord, my take home clothes, my car seat (and guess what they forgot in the process? Their toothbrushes!). And the funniest thing is, Mumma who had been dealing with constant contractions for all these weeks was getting none now. So she moved around helping Papa without issues. The trip to the hospital at 1:00 at night was pain free unlike with Didi’s, as Mumma likes to tell. Labor room triage confirmed that the membrane indeed had ruptured and Mumma was 3 cm dilated which meant we finally got to see the delivery room at 3:00 A.M. The contractions were back but were not too painful. Mumma sat in peace reading her book, finished it (Yes yes the guy got the girl, if anyone is interested in knowing) and then went to sleep. Her doctor spoke to her after a while and said since things were moving so slowly maybe they should induce labor. What was everyone’s hurry, I would never know. 7:30 in the morning the contractions which were getting steadily more painful and closer together got really painful (I still have birthing rashes to show for them so I do know). Papa called Mama up to give him an update. Nana was called to get Buzz didi ready for daycare. Ballu uncle was called to ask him to drop didi off. Mama called back to say Mammi and the kids were flying the 11:00 A.M flight and would be with us at 2:00 in the afternoon. In the meantime Mumma was discussing the pros and corns of taking a pain killer for the time being to deal with painful contractions and then get epidural when she was closer to delivering or just taking epidural right away. Again given how long it took Didi to make an entry in to this world and how slowly her contractions were getting to the point where they got super painful it was expected that Mumma would have a long labor. At around 8:00 after all the discussion Mumma said, ‘Epidural now’. The anesthesiologist came in around 8:10 and the epidural catheter was put in. Mumma was in excruciating pain by then and was not too still I guess because the epidural only worked on the left side and Mumma was dealing with full on contraction pain on her right side. The anesthesiologist said sometimes it does take time and he would come back in 10 mins to check on Mumma and access the situation. The nurse checked on Mumma soon after which meant it was 8:20 and called out 8 cm dilation and zero station.

The nurse was still logging all this information but honestly I had enough. I wanted to stay inside but no one was ready to let me be. And I can’t stay in a place where I am not welcome, now can I? So I took things in my own hand. Mumma screamed, ‘I have to push, I just have to push’. The nurse was in shock. ‘You can’t push just yet; you are nowhere close to being fully dilated. I checked you 2 mins back’, said she. ‘I don’t know or care’, Mumma grunted, ‘I have to push’. The nurse came over and she could see my head. ‘OH MY GOD! Don’t push just yet. Let me get the equipment ready. Let me at least call the doctor’. Papa calls her the octopus nurse as she did 10 things at the same time, running in and out of the room, getting things ready, checking on Mumma and me, asking Mumma not to push or use little pushes. ‘I have to, I have to’, Mumma kept saying while Papa tried to soothe her and the nurse ran around. Another nurse came in to help set up things and then the doctor came. The doctor had one glove on, was working on putting the other one. The nurse was putting on the doctor’s gown when Mumma gave up and pushed. Once, twice, thrice and yipe yay I came out crying at 8:30 A.M. And just for all the pain and stress Mumma had put me through, I peed all over her. Ain’t I smart?

Buzz didi came to see me and was shocked that I was actually here. She kept looking from Mumma’s belly to me and refused to say anything. She has come around now though and calls for me the first thing in the morning and as soon as she comes from the day care.

Mumma held me and had a long crying session, which for once Papa let her, all the while holding on to her.

I hated the hospital because they kept poking and prodding me. I have five heel pokes and one in my thigh to show for it. I was so happy to come home.

Mammi, Didi and Bhaiya are here and the house is full of war cries and fights and laughs.

Nana is busy dotting on all four of his grandkids and gets no break at all.

Papa is busy taking care of Buzz didi and errands inside and outside the house. And me of course as and when needed.

Mumma watches my diapers obsessively and talks about pee and poop color. She was heard happily telling anyone who would listen that my poop was mustardy yellow now. Whatever that means!

She also calls me a joker at my nursing time drama. hmph!

And she thinks my cries sound like a peacock call. grrrr!

Emails and wishes are pouring in along with surprise ‘What we did not even know!’ from friends of Mumma and Papa who are not from town.

I am the center of the world in the Comfy household and I don’t mind it one bit. I do my part of sleeping at all the wrong times, waking up in the middle of the nights, demanding milk when Mumma is the most tired and generally being myself.

Welcome me to your jungle people and hope to see you all around.
-Bugz, the ‘she’ bunny
(Mumma thinks I look like a monkey, but optimistically calls me a bunny)

86 thoughts on “It’s a jungle out here

  1. Hurray!!! The brand new little one made an entry here..finally!

    Bugz – (Hehe. Nicey Nice that name)

    Welcome to you dear sweet doll. But..but, I think mumma missed out on mentioning your gender..or did I miss it? 😀

    You can bet on having a wonderfully eventful life ahead sweet pea – what with Buzz as your big sis et all!

    Big * Muah *…and much Love

    -AHK Maasi

    1. Errrm, AHK *PAATI*, Mumma said ‘she’ bunny. You no notice? Uf oh, you are getting old! Tut tut tut!

      Much love,
      Bugz from Akka’s id 😛

  2. I kept checking so many times for this post!!! And now finally Bugz sweetie pie, here it is! Mumma needa glasses(which im sending her right away) if she thinks you look like a monkey 😐

    You’d probably cringe when you become one “cool” teen and get around to reading this, but I want you to know that you were and are very dear to so many of us, from different parts of the world, from the time we knew of you(and when we knew, you were the size of a palm!). As mumma says often, stay happy, stay healthy

    -From one of your terribly proud aunts, who like many believe that you are the most gorgeous baby EVER(it’s okay if your voice sounds like a peacock ;)). Love you tons, Bugz!

    PS to mommy : your glasses on their way. Monkey it seems.

    1. SAB did I ever say that Monkeys are not cute? They are adorable in fact, so why the glasses?

      Thanks for all the wishes and love 🙂

      PS: Glasses still not here 😛

  3. and you mumma is super active and I see you have taken after her 😛 within days she is writing posts and all 🙂

    and she is calling you Bugz not fair ut bunny sounds nice 🙂 Buzz Bunny 😀

    Welcome to blog world dear I see you are breaking Didi’s records that blogging after how much one week old ? 😉

  4. You had it all in secret I had no clue… Congratulationsssssss…. Welcome to this beautiful world little one….

    As I was reading I was wondering y you saying on tests this and that but then it clicked when I read about the new person.

    Congratulationssssss yayyyy party timeeeeee

  5. Wooooohoooo!!! Congratulations! Both Bugz and Buzz! 😀 Love love love to the little one. And howz Buzz doing?
    I had goose bumps as I read this post – dunno why! Wow! Congrats comfy 🙂
    Write more more more whenever you get the time. Want to know more about the 2 of them now…

  6. Congrats Comfy! Dunno if I missed previous posts but had no idea you were expecting a second bub…congrats again. Welcome to the world Bugz! And Buzz must be feeling mighty proud being a big sis! 🙂

  7. Whhaaaatyttttttttt????????????????????????? i kept re-reading the post thinking i had not understood!!!

    Hmmmmmph to u comfy!

    Congrats Comfy, D and Buzzie pie…

    and welcome little bugzzz!!! We can’t wait to hear more about u!

  8. oh wow! u hadnt written about this earlier had u??? *scratching head & wondering how old ive become to not remember!!*

    anyways, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Bugs sounds ultra-ultra cute!!! cant wait to hear more from u!!

    do take care & rest up mommy-of-two! 😀

    hugz & kisses!

  9. wow Comfy.. Congrats.. this is a pleasant surprise..

    Welcome to this exciting jungle Bugz.. Buzz didi will take good care of you and teach you all that you are not supposed to learn…. 😉

    don’t know why but I am all tears Comfy.. Though I wanted to read the last part first I didn’t. I read this post word by word to live through the scenes and at the end found that I was all tears… I am very happy for you. a big hug to you, Bugs and Buzz… take care.

  10. Many congratulations !!! When god gives immense sadness, he also gives unbound happiness. God bless you little one (and the now ‘badi didi’ also) !

  11. Baby Bugz – welcome to the world, my little darling. Wish you a very content, joyous, successful life. May all the best things come your way! I have so much more to say, but I won’t hog the space here. :* I lubbbbb ooo.

    Comfy – Congratulations to you, D and the new Didi.
    And monkey? Really, Comfy??!??!! Cruel woman…go get your eyes checked. 😀

  12. Baby Bugz! Appreciate you telling us all about your grand entry into our world 🙂 You sound adorable. Ignore mama saying you look like a monkey or says your cry sounds like a peacock call. Just know that even though mama loves to say that, she still in her heart knows you are the most beautiful baby ever, just like we all know even without seeing you! Looking forward to hearing a lot more from you, mama and Buzz 🙂

  13. For the first time a post here made me cry and thank god it was tears of joy 🙂

    Bugz buby I guess your mom’s hormone is still not back to the normal level. So let’s forgive her for calling such a gorgeous little girl a monkey 😡

    Btw did anyone ever tell you how lucky you are to have a Smart Didi like our Buzz?

    1. Does no one find monkeys adorable in this blog world? Why is everyone getting upset about that I wonder?

      Focus people this post is about Bugz and not Buzz. 😡

  14. This is a surprise alrite, a very pleasant one at that and I sooo luv her name, hugs to u, muahs to her and Buzz and everything else sweet! But this is soooo not done 😦 😦

  15. Bugz baby! Lots of mmuah… Lots of blowing on your tummy, lots of swinging u in my arms and lots of funny faces made at you 😀

    Buzz baby! If I do that to you, you’ll give me a look fit for an alien, so lots of hide and seek and catch-catch playing with you 😀 And mmuahs and hugs of course!

  16. Congrats!!!!!! Bugz, Whattay welcome post your sweet mamma has made.. And such a dramatic arrival:) Ok sweets, you gals must be busy bonding… come back soon with more didi and mama stories, ok?

  17. OMG!! wowwww like WoWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.. this is such a plesant surprise!! Welcome Princess Bugz and many congratulations to Mumma,Papa and didi!
    And hey Comfy,welcome to the Mom-of-two-girls club!

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