It is all about her

D: Papa achche hein? (Is papa nice?)
Buzz: Yeah.
D: Mumma bahut achchi hein. (Mumma is very nice.)
Buzz: Buzz bhi achchi! (Buzz is also nice!)


Sunday morning Buzz makes place for herself between D and I. She follows it up by talking/playing with me. The more D tries the more she clings to me.

Buzz: Mumma, mumma, mumma
D: Buzz ko bahar le ke kon jata hei? Mumma to nahein le kar jaati. (Who take Buzz outside? Not Mom)
Buzz: (30 seconds pause) Papa, papa leke jaate hein. (Papa takes me)

Followed by sticking to D like a glue. Kisses and hugs follow.


D is just back from the gym when Buzz gets up one morning.

Buzz: Papa, Tree-frog? (Tree-frog is the name of her class in daycare)
D: Nahien aaj chutti hei (No today is a holiday)
Buzz: Phir aaj kahaan jayenge Papa? (Then where will we go today Papa?)

D is busy wagging his finger at me to reply.

*Start digression* His biggest gripe with me is that I never ask or make plans to go out over the weekends. I must add at this point that I am the one who plans most of our long distance vacations, but I see so many day to day chores over the weekend that going out is the last thing on my mind. D on the other hand loves to take day trips and being out, close to nature in general. *End digression*

Finger wagging done, he heads to take a shower. Seeing that, Buzz runs to her room. Picks out a pair of jeans from her rack and wears them backwards.

*Start digression* This ‘aape aape’ meaning doing everything herself phase is killing me. *End digression*

After a lot of struggle, I get the jeans on her correctly and then we head down for breakfast. A short time later D comes down in his PJs. Buzz takes one look at him and starts crying as she tries to push him back up the stairs.

Buzz: Papa, go change. Go Papa, go.


Buzz got a haircut this weekend. She had hair a little past her shoulders and now her hair hit her chin. I guess everyone who saw her at daycare commented on her haircut. A substitute teacher (ST) in her class had this to tell us:

ST walks in to the room. Buzz watches her without blinking for a good couple of minutes. After which:

Buzz: Of oh ST, Haircut!


Yup, every single thing is about her these days. And does she know what she wants and tries to get the same or what. Life is soooo much fun for us. NOT!

54 thoughts on “It is all about her

  1. okie, I love this Buzzie okie…she is really bahut bahut aachi 🙂 and she says ufoh and all that is it…That would be such a cute nautanki types expression na

    One Q – Did she cry during her hair cut?

    If yes, I am not surprised..R manages to get the whole locality call the police that her parents are planning to kidnap her

    If no, WHAT DID YOU DO?

    please answer..

    In desperation,


    1. Hi Comfy,

      I have the same Question as RM, too. And I have two unwilling heads of upto-chin-falling-hair to cut! Please help! 🙂

      In ‘double’ desparation,


      P.S.- Buzz is very very cute! 🙂

      1. lol at ‘double’ desparation.

        The best I can say is try getting them excited about it and carry book and toys to distract them while the hair gets cut.

        Tell me if it works 🙂

    2. I did not see her expression but I can bet it was total nautanki type only 🙂

      No she did not cry during her hair cut.

      Before going I got her all excited about a hair cut. Kept talking about it, telling her how much fun it would be etc. etc.

      But then I should also add that I took her to a kids haircut place, where she got to sit on a wood horse seat for her haircut. Which had a basket of toys for her to play with. They also have videos for kids that they play on little TV sets if the parents/kids are interested. In short there is so much for the kid to do and see that they don’t even realize that the hair is being cut. By the time the figure anything is going on it is all done.

  2. Uf Oh!??? Thats a real LOL moment 🙂

    And ofcourse everything is about her these days and Life IS so much fun with her – just read the last few posts of yours and tell me “NOT” now…

    “huggieee” to Buzz 😀

  3. Oh she uses aape aape too – the friends i went for a holiday with, their hurricane baby also goes on abt aape aape walk, aape aape eat, aape aape swim and so on

    Lol…and can u just bite off buzz’s toes for you…for just being so cute

  4. yes Buzz bhi BAHUT ACHI HAI 🙂

    and bolo bolo kahan ja rahe hain aaaj .. since no tree-frog

    and Ohh Need a word with ST.. How can she do that .. Right no sweets or chocs for her on teachers day .. yeh aaj kal ke Teachers Hmmmpppffffff

    1. Yeah T I know. Did not expect anything else from you either. You with your special love for all things Buzz 🙂

      Kisses will pass them on when she gets home 🙂

  5. Hahaha!! You knew this was coming , didn’t you? 😀
    The world will revolve around her for 10-12 years more.. at least that’s how it works , hehe .

    I am sooo there with you on weekends thingy – but in our case H is the planner and he always has 2786 things planned. Bffftt!

    Sometimes I whine and wiggle out of the plans just to be home and put my feet up. These outdoorsy men ! 😛

    1. Yes yes I knew. I was just wishing it would be a while coming. But But you now know it is coming right? So are you read? 😀 😀

      Tell me about these outdoorsy men. 😛

      1. Leave Buzz to us, Comfy. There are enough of us in line to take care of her that once you let go of that munchkin, she is not going to get a chance to come back to you 😛

  6. Of course its all about her! And my! She is going to love you all the more for recording a bindaas ‘of oh’ moment here:) It must been a very cute sight! And visualizing her pushing her papa away to change makes me want to grab her in a tight hug:)

  7. ROFL moments, all of them! Loved the nudge she gave the ST 😀

    Enough people have said it before, but then *she* is the star here, why do you think we keep coming back? 😛

    1. I so wish I was around to see her nudge ST along. It would have been so funny. 🙂

      Yeah yeah, I know all about her star value. Why else do you think I keep her around? 😛

  8. Oooh the wearing clothes ‘on your own’ bit is going to be the death of me too! Everything is ‘on your own’ these days and then we struggle for hours! And now she wants to dress up her dolls too- on your own! aaaargh!

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