Of Airports

We were sitting in the McDonald’s at Frankfurt airport. Not because of the food but because one complete wall of it was glass and faced the runway. Airplanes taking off and landing was the only thing that was keeping Buzz entertained during the 5+ hour transit time.

Suddenly D pointed out,

Look at that, even their luggage carrying trailers are Mercedes.

Sure enough every single ground control vehicle was a Merc. Now in my mind Mercedes is one of the ultimate in high-end luxury cars and to see grease covered trucks and dirty trailers at the airport from that brand was a shock to begin with. D probably felt the same way which is why he pointed it out. After we got over the shock, overload of Merc at Frankfurt airport made sense of course. German company vehicles used at the Germany International Airport.

After which the talk moved on to making guesses on what vehicle manufacturer some of the other countries used. Having never paid any attention to them anywhere before we guessed it was probably Ford in the US and Toyota in Japan. India – Maruti?

Can anyone guess or remember what India uses?

We landed in India and the answer was in front of us. And to be honest, I loved it over any other country. In India we use ‘Mahindra and Mahindra’ bright red tractors. I could not stop the grin on my face when I first saw them. To my mind if was just so perfect, so India.

Have you noticed the make of ground transport used at any of the international airports, if so please share so that we all know a little bit more.

On a side note: Have you seen the Delhi (Indira Gandhi) International Airport? If yes, is it not just amazing. If not, you should. You so should. It hands down has to be the best airport I have ever been to. So what if a milkshake there costs Rs. 700 (no kidding, it was a Häagen-Dazs shop) and I just can’t get myself to spend that much money on a milkshake, the airport is out of this world. Loved it.

38 thoughts on “Of Airports

  1. I would have thought TATA. Seen a lot if vans etc used in india.
    You were sitting for 5 hours at frankfurt could have easily come to uk for a couple of hours.
    Or rather gone via here.. Haan….

    I have not been to india for a long time… Need to come for sureee.

  2. 700 RS for a milkshake..baap rey

    yaa even my dad said that the new airport is awesome…

    *Note to self: Ask RD to book tickets to Delhi and back sometime in the future*

    and M&M is super nice na…I love those tractors..they are cute, funny and when you look at them intently, they seem to smile at you

    1. Not sure about the Domestic airport. I think Indian Airline is the only domestic flight that lands on the International airport. Double check before you get on a flight 🙂

  3. Delhi airport… where I swooned when I was travelling alone? Yeah, I do faintly(pun intended) remember 😀

    If u see Mumbai airport right after seeing Delhi, you’ll puke. Did you know that? 😀

    1. Oh! I did not realize you landed at Delhi airport.

      LOL! Mumbai airport is the same old so I was not too shocked. Or may be it was because we landed there before we saw Delhi airport that I just took it for what it is. 🙂

  4. I was at the delhi airport last year when I traveled alone. Looks awesome 🙂 But a few bad customer service experiences took away the lustre quite a bit for me 😦

  5. Reminds of this exact same thing my father said when he had a layover at Frankfurt. This was years ago…and I had no idea whatsoever about cars then. SO he had to go on to explain what the big deal was 😛

  6. This is an interesting observations and thanks for sharing. 700rs for a milkshake I am not surprised, last time when I went to India that’s what I felt the food and product cost is same as us (I mean multiplying 40$). Mahindra reminds me to sweet childhood memories, I learned my first driving lessons in Mahindra jeep 🙂

  7. Delhi airport really does look awesome … but makeover on looks doesn’t help much if in general things are not good – like “sands” said about the customer service … it will take ages to change that n i mean ages !!

    sorry for just landing out of the blue n writing my mind – hope u won’t mind 🙂

    1. No no, I don’t mind at all Sharmila.

      I am not sure about customer service. I had no issues. But then I did not interact much with anyone but the flight crew. I do wish we work on the customer service in general.

      Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  8. I will be able to see the airport with my own eyes 😯 this December. I have no idea about vehicles used in ground transportation coz I am one of those people who cannot find her own car in a parking lot 😥 I am hopeless when it comes to the make and model of cars and this country is making it worse by introducing new models every single year 😡

    Btw you are in India? when will you be back?

  9. It sounds like when I saw Merc taxis in Portugal. Merc and BMW for radio taxis. Luxury is it not ?

    I am not surprised at 700 Rs Haggen Daz milk shake. India offers for all ranges; we get to pick and choose. 🙂

    Unless and until I find clean loos in Indian Airports I am not gonna like them at all. 😐

  10. I hate anything in Delhi being better than Mumbai/Bangalore :P. So was thrilled to hear about the electricity going off in Delhi for 7 hours….ok ok pointless comment.

    I can’t wait to see Delhi airport in Diwali and find things to bitch about it 😀

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