Reasons to go awww in the week past

Video from a friend where the little munchkin says


and breaks in to a giggle when asked,

Cooker says?


An email from a friend who knows little or no Hindi with one line written in Hindi were half the sentance made sense and the other did not.


D looks at 2 remaining rasmalai pieces and says,

You can have both. I don’t need to have any.

Especially when I know how much he loves rasmalai.


Looking at baby pictures of a friend.


Ping on IM from friends even when I am not visible and bombardment with questions that I have no answers to. Followed by pouting and being called mean.


Me singing ‘Chidiya Chun Chun karti hei’, Buzz repeating after me. Were the

Yeah sab mere saathi hein

sounds (accent wise) just like Indi saying

Tum vishwaasghati ho

in ‘Indiana Jones and the temple of doom’.

As I sing,

Happy Birthday to me

she says,

Happy Birthday to Mumma


44 thoughts on “Reasons to go awww in the week past

  1. Paapu featured in the list..yay, thank you! 🙂

    ‘Chidiya Chun Chun karti hei’’ – aww, how could I forget that song for so long? Thanks ( one more) for reminding me..will start with it right away.

    ‘Happy Birthday to me’ – Happy B’day tha kya? Me missed? Uh.oh.

    [ This is such a short and sweet post Comfy. Loved every word. To remember all these little but important moments is definitely worth it. Will try and do one of these some day]

    1. how could Paapu not feature here. Do you know how many times I have seen that video? And I smiled and went awww every single time. 🙂

      No no, you did not miss my birthday. ‘Happy Birthday to me’ is part of Chidiya Chun Chun karti hei which is why I was all awww when Buzz said ‘Happy Birthday to Mumma’ 😀

      Do write about the little things when you have some time. They are worth remembering. Makes the hardest days a little better. 🙂

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