Panda and Frogy

Dinner time. Buzz not interested in eating.

Buzz: Aaoovviii.
Me: Kahaan lagi chot? (where did you get hurt?)
Buzz: Stomach mein.
Me: Kaise lagi? (how?)
Buzz: Panda ko. (Panda got hurt) (In Buzz’s world Panda is the one who always gets hurt)
Me: Kaise? (how?)
Buzz: Frogy maara. (Frogy hit him)
Me: *pretending to talk to Frogy* Forgy kyoin maara Panda ko?
Buzz: *laughing*
Me: Frogy ko timeout de dein? (Should we give Frogy a timeout?)
Buzz: Haan. (yes)
Me: Chalo Frogy timeout.
Buzz: *laughing some more*
Me: Jabardasti rona band karo Frogy. (Stop this forced crying Frogy) (I say this to Buzz when she pretends to cry whenever she gets a timeout)
Buzz: *laughing very hard* Haan Frogy rona band karo.
Me: Frogy sorry bol raha hei, usse bulla lein? (Frogy is saying sorry, should we call him back?)
Buzz: Nahien.
Me: Per wo sorry bol raha hei? (But he is saying sorry?)
Buzz: Panda helecopter chalate. (Panda is flying the helecopter)
Me: achha (OK)
Buzz: Frogy airpain chalate. (Frogy flies the airplane)
Me: OK
Buzz: Shooommmm chalejate. (they go shooommm)
Me: uper? (up?)
Buzz: Uper.

The End!

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