Gayatri Mantra

O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions: gross, subtle, and causal.. we contemplate upon thy divine light. Pray stimulate our intellect and bestow upon us true knowledge.

The one mantra/prayer I know.

The only one that has called to me all my life.

The one thing that calms me down and brings peace to my mind these days. With every repetition I find myself less and less agitated. I haven’t gotten to the point where I can chant it on my own without thoughts seeping in slowly and taking over completely but I try everyday. Till then listening to the calming words helps.

I wish I had it in a WMA or MP3 format so that I could load it up on my phone. But till I am online YouTube helps.

9 thoughts on “Gayatri Mantra

  1. I kept hearing to this one quite often when Paapu was growing in the tummy. Especially before drifting off to sleep. Always brought much peace and calm to the body and mind.

    Hope you have the wma/m3 format handy by now ( Revs and Rays jumped right at it, I see!)
    to listen anytime you wish to.

  2. I am sure you can convert it to mp3 , there is this link where you put the YOU tube link and it converts to mp3 for you to download ..

    Some mantra and words do helps a lot ..
    thank you for sharing …

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