Forever more

Your thoughts were for our wellbeing, your prayers for us.
You taught us to be compassionate, you gave us strength.
You took care of our little one, you showered them with love.
You cried tears for us, you laughed in our joy.
You let us go when we needed to, you held on strong when we needed that shelter.
You took pride in our every accomplishment, you pointed out our every mistake.
You were so very strict, you were so full of love.
You taught us right from wrong, you ensured we grew up to be good.
You held our hand as we learned write, you reached out your hand when we took our first step.

You carried Bahiya and me inside you and now all we can do is carry you in our hearts forever more.


44 thoughts on “Forever more

  1. Oh god, this isn’t something I expected seeing a post from you after long time. I was wondering where you disappeared, I still can’t believe..

    Take care dear, Hugs to you and more hugs..

  2. So sorry to hear about this Comfy. Loads of love, strength and prayers coming you way.
    I know it’s easier said than done but be strong and be sure she’s in a good place.

  3. Sorry is such a small word to say Comfy…may God give you strength to get through this. Lots of love and HUGS dear.

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