They are everywhere. Show up unexpectedly. Never sure how much damage they will cause. Caution is futile. Resistance useless.

– I turn the corner in a hurry and stumble on one.

– Sleep muddled I get off from the bed in response to a cry for ‘Mumma’ and nearly fall to my knees.

– I get ready to take a shower, take a quick peek to ensure it is a safe zone, turn around to get some things in place and in less than a minute step in to take a shower and my feet lands on one.

– A quick run downstairs at night to get water from the kitchen and suddenly lights start to blink and gleeful noise screams ‘Hi this is the lion calling. Call me’.

They come in all shapes – square, star, circle, animal, phone, books

They come in all materials – wood, plastic, rubber, foam

They come in all sizes – x-small, small, medium, large, x-large

They come in all colors – pink, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple

They come in all decibels levels – mute, squeak, normal, loud, eardrum shattering

But most importantly they come to bodily harm you, make you fall on your knees, give your heart a start, make you hobble, drive you out of your mind.

And no, no matter what you do and how many times you clean up and how careful you are and how many times you check and double check, somehow someway they find a way to the wrong place at the wrong time, all thanks to a little hurricane and her ability to hide them in places unknown to mere parents.

These landmines or toys as the marketing people love to call them are pure evil and I hate them.

Oh and to the person who gave her the wooden blocks and 28 of them at that: Why? What wrong did we ever do to you? Do you know how many stubbed toes and hurt nails and almost falls I have owing to those menacing little things? 😐

49 thoughts on “Landmines

  1. @Pepper: Never, Buzz would never hurt herself…Kids are smart that ways..they just plant the landmines exactly where they are sure their mumma and pappa are going to walk 😉 its a natural gift

    @Comfy: hugs darling big big hugs…*Note to self – Gift Buzz a book when you meet her :)*

  2. Ah Comfy! Did you just peep into my house? Every night I pick up things after he sleeps but still I trip over something in the morning frenzy:( Or find stuff under the sofa/TV stand – even on the kitchen counter!

    And RM – Do you know that you can trip over those hardbound books too?!

    1. I am at a point where I am questioning the daily clean up at night. It does not help at all does it? I think if I knew there might be something I would be more careful. 😐

      LOL. There are no good gifts for kids are there? 😀

  3. Awww Take care comfy ma ! Will you ?

    but but here is the logic
    the little hurricane loves them and ma loves little hurricane so ….. you know where this is going right ? 😉

  4. 😐

    This time, I will side you because it is a health and safety issue. Hugs! Be careful ok? Especially with your back problems.

    Here’s something Amma did which I never want you to do. Any of my stuff that bothered her lying around would be confiscated for unknown lengths of time. Initially it was toys and books, when I grew older it was my earrings, rubber bands and all that. (Not like that changed my habits :P)

  5. he he he 🙂
    but look at it in a different way Happy home.. Buzz loves playing with them and she is having FUNNN ..

    I can remmeebr the time when i visited my sis she had two children and we had so much fun I would sit all day playing withthem with there toys and mum and she would shout at us cause they went through the same you are going through..

    I need to teach Buzz a few more things where to put the landmines strategically MUUU HA HA HAHAHA 🙂

  6. oh those blocks.. esp. the mini legos.. don’t tell me abt them. hugs Comfy.. while selecting a gift for any kid I always make sure they don’t have many pieces and they don’t require more than one player to play 🙂 my BP shoots way high when I see these landmines around.. again hugs and take care

    1. I am getting to the point where I look at toys as gifts from the trouble they will cause the Mom rather than what the kids will like. I am improving. If only it was an easy balance 😐

  7. Oh the landmines…very apt name for those noisy nasty things by the way 🙂

    The first one to startle me was even before Paapu was born. The night after we had the baby shower, I was in pajamas and all set to go to bed, when suddenly out of the blue something goes “troiiiiiii..tuk tuk tuk..the ABC train!!”

    I jumped and did a double take. Cannot forget that creepy introduction to the upcomign future 😉

    I know its only going o get worse for me. You do take care, k? tread very very carefully.

    1. LOL! I was spared for a while there because I locked all of them away till Buzz actually started playing with them. But I can so understand the jumping part.

      I am trying AHK, I am but they still get me 😥

  8. Ha ha…totally understand your situation Comfy. I shout at my friends who buy gifts for my son, especially if the gift has many small parts to play with(building blocks, puzzles…). Annoying as much as it is, it also never fails to bring a smile on my face.

    1. Gifts are so special just because of the thought that people put in to them. That is why for me no gift is bad. I might rant for a minute when I am upset/hurt but I don’t really mean anything by them. As you said they never fails to bring a smile on my face. 🙂

  9. Oops that hurts.. Careful ok…
    Cute buzz has got the talent of planting the landmine at the right place know.. Now you need to practise some jumping and skipping to avoid stamping on them 🙂

    1. No no, don’t duck. I would love to hear this. It means there is hope for things to change somewhere in my future. I will take that. I will take that.

  10. Lol…so cute…little baby hiding stuff! :P. Mama this is not buzz’s fault, u step on them so it’s your fault…

    Am thinking does buzz know her numbers till 100? Maybe i could gift her 100 wooden blocks..just for the mathematician in her 😛

  11. what an apt title comfy 🙂 you sure create the actual scene in front my eyes with your expressive words 🙂

    loads of love to dearest buzzie pie 🙂

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