Trip report

  • Talks about doing something together one late evening after dinner with friends.
  • Email confirmation on who all would join.
  • Two amazing women search, call, repeat to find a place to accommodate everyone.
  • Hope given up, owing to lack of place to stay.
  • One place found.
  • Let the planning begin.
  • While the guys sorted out drinks and things to do, the women got down to the most important thing.. ‘What to eat’.
  • Endless emails.
  • 15 adults, 7 kids, 6 cars, 4 hours road trip, 3 houses close by, 1 house designated the central meeting place.
  • Grill cleaned and manned to produce grilled – corn, burgers, pineapple, chicken, paneer, onions, bell pepper.
  • Sitting in front of the bonfire late into the night playing antakshari with gems like ‘Nain ladjayehe’.
  • Marshmallow samores for company.
  • Breakfast of eggs, pancake, hash brown, bread, cereal, poha, cut fruits.
  • Packed lunch of cold sandwiches with different kinds of spreads (pesto, mayo, butter, roasted garlic, chocolate peanut, green chutney), cheese (cheddar, american, pepper jack, fresh mozzarella) , bread (white, 8 grain, baggette), veggies (tomatoes, onions, basil), phel puri mix to be made on location.
  • Dinner of chicken biryani, veg pullao, dahi wada, papdi chat, pineapple + suji halwa.
  • Fireworks of all shapes and sizes.
  • Ending the trip with breakfast of potato sandwiches, waffles, fruits and anything and everything leftover.
  • Trips to snow covered mountains.
  • Hiking in the snow
  • Kids snow sledging their way up and down a small slope with parents for company
  •  Impromptu stops at lakes to sit, talk and relax
  • 3 days of not knowing where your kids were.
  • Bigger kids taking care of younger ones.
  • All adults keeping a general eye on all the little people.
  • Buzz becoming a tail of a 8 year old didi.
  • Didi’s little sister and Buzz arguing over didi where ‘My didi’, ‘No my didi’ were heard about 100 times a day.
  • ‘This one cries anytime she is hit’ (as in even lightly touched) heard from the mouth of a 6 year old. Buzz sweetheart, very true that.
  • Buzz just as she is about to sleep, ‘Star, mere tim tim star?’, as she remembers the glow stars glued to the ceiling of her room.
  • Kids laughing out loud while watching Mickey Mouse on VCR while Buzz, the lone ranger, hording all the colors and scribbling non-stop on a paper, carpet, her t-shirt, hands, mouth.
  • No cable TV, cell phone reception, internet connection.
  • Good friends, drool worthy food, calm of the woods, gorgeous vistas, happy kids, laughs all around.
  • Perfect!

42 thoughts on “Trip report

    1. err..yeah we ate then went for an hour drive some place. Ate there. Drove back an hour and ate soon after we came back 😀

      And why else do you think I am not ready to stand of the scale anymore? 😐

      Oh yes, what fights over didi I tell you. 🙂

  1. Scribbling colors on her hands and mouth…so sweet and dangerous too:)
    I have almost the same situation at home.
    I am dying of hunger here…could you please send some of those sandwiches?

    1. The colors are kid proof so not really dangerous. But cleaning the mess is dangerous for my mood.

      Now I want those sandwiches too. 😐

  2. what a perfect way to spend long weekend, mere tim tim star how sweet is that 🙂 I am so glad to hear you all had great time..I finished my dinner a while ago, but this food is making me drool and I am hungry, now I can blame ur blog for my extra fat, tough to get back to work after long weekend rt?

  3. and can you see my green with envy skin all the way from Mumbai

    Sahi yaar comfy, kya sahi vacation..and LOL on the crayons all over the body..Buzz is a sweetheart na 🙂

    and the food *Drool* and more *Drool*

  4. Sounds so much fun 🙂
    chicken biryani, veg pullao, dahi wada, papdi chat, pineapple + suji halwa.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……droooooooooooollllllllllll.Yeah that much 🙂 🙂

  5. Awww if I was not gng on a vacation in 12 days now, I would be painting this whole blog green 😛 So u r kinda spared 😉
    Tim tim star 🙂 Awww how cute is that 🙂

    Psst psst, I think Buzz wants to be called a didi *hint hint* may be 😛

    1. Tim tim star we talk about every night just before we fall asleep 🙂

      err Buzz wants a didi and that is not possible unless we adopt an elder Didi for her 😐

  6. perfect ! 🙂 wish you many more of such blissful trips all the time 🙂

    everything about buzz – awwww! but you already knew that…i can’t do anything but go aww when i read about my darling buzz

    do you think you can take a pic of buzz’s pretty scribblings sometime and post it? im sure she has Maa’s artistic fingers yeah? 😀

    1. You want scribbles by Buzz? How many do you want? Forget putting them on the blog, I wills send them over.

      PS: I get a bulk load every week from her daycare 😳

  7. What a point post!! 🙂

    Brought back very pleasant memories of a similar trip with 4 other families last year. I was pregnant with Paapu then.

    Buzz must have had so much fun na? Is she still talking about ‘didi’? 😀

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