Some more love

We were out on a walk in the evening. Roses growing wild on the trail had me smiling happily as I took in the color and the fragrance. With shining eyes I looked at D and asked him:

These roses look so beautiful don’t they?

D did a double take. Looked closely and said:

These are not roses. Stop kidding me.

I am not kidding. These are roses.

Since when did rose bushes grow so tall and roses look like this?

I stopped at the next bush, with great care held one rose, pulled the branch towards me and took in a deep breath. Asked D to do the same after I was done. He looked up with a smile and said:

Can’t argue with that one. But you know what, next time for our anniversary or your birthday I will pick up roses from here rather than going to the store.

Oh why a few roses, you can get the entire rose bush for me now.

Sigh! so much for love and all that goes with it. 😐

PS: He has given me any kind of flowers only once in all the years we have known each other. So no I don’t even expect free flowers from him.


48 thoughts on “Some more love

  1. D sounds so much like my husband 😦 He has not seen any kind of store since the day we married 😥 Even his things, I have to buy :mrgreen:

    lolz I was quiet taken aback by the size of the roses here when I first saw them 😯

    1. Then let me be thankful that D goes to the store to buy his clothes. I would go crazy otherwise.

      Oh Oh! Now I get why you write the Cracked Chronicles :mrgreen:

      These were wild roses (the small pink ones in India), with mear 4-5 petals to each flower so not kind you are talking about 🙂

  2. hahahaha! Smart chap..he sounds like a guy similar to me..I am more like him…I toh always look for freebies..RD says..once a gujju always a gujju hehehe 🙂

  3. so you are getting roses for your next birthday or anniversary.. who cares if it is free or store bought.. roses matter.. may be you have to remind him abt this conversation the day before 🙂

    1. Oh I am 100% sure I am not getting roses or any other flower for that matter. And reminding him in advance will not help. We have been married waaaaayyy too long for me to except something so out of character from him. 😀

  4. Do you know AB has surpassed D in this?
    Last weekend, I smile happily at those gigantic roses while walking with him. And just like you I admired them.

    Me: these roses look beautiful, don’t they?
    AB looking at the sky: Tera laakh laakh shukar hai ki isne aaj camera nahi laya.

    These men! 😐

    Ps:When Amma was here, she and I would happily take all the time in the world to marvel at these petty things. 😐

  5. In my case Comfy, the OH would be the first to notice the pretty flowers 🙂 It is a whole another story that he doesn’t buy them often 🙂 But that’s because I yell at him for paying heaven and earth for a bouquet on days when it costs 10 times more!!

    1. I am not too fond of the concept of cut flowers and am all thumbs when it comes to live plants (have a few dead plants as proof) so there is flowers as gift for me. D knows me too well. Not that he would care if I loved them. 🙂

      Oh some special day prices make my eyes blink non-stop 😐

  6. My husband gifts me flowers on the days that I dont expect at all, he just likes to surprise me. He doesnt like the concept of gifting only on the so called special days. He would also say the same thing as Rays’ AB about the camera. In fact, he teases me that I should hire a photographer whenever we go out. I am a nature crazy person and I love to click countless pics of flowers and trees.

  7. I’m beginning to get a feeling our husbands might be related. Mine stopped giving me flowers (or cards, or gifts, or…well you get the picture) when we were dating, so that I wouldn’t have any expectations after we were married! Under promise and over deliver, he says. Bah, I say!

  8. Okay I got one flower after lets say 7 years after knowing Pati. So you know where this is going at this rate 😀 😀
    and it is more often than not “why don’t you go buy yourself” stuff 😐

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