Too much love

Sunday morning blissful sleep is interrupted by little fingers tugging to climb up on the bed. Little person is followed by a little blanket. Which is followed by squeezing between the two big people and non-stop moving till the perfect sleep position is found. What is the ideal sleep position you ask? It is the precise position on Paa’s arm, were the biceps bulge. Once the perfect position is attained, fuss is made to get the blanket on. And yes, only our very own little blanket will do. All settled it is time for everyone to relax and get back to the sleeping part of the program.

Little changes to the above scenario happen from week to week. How different you ask? Add to the scene above:

Since Paa’s hand is stretched and he opens his eyes long enough to see Maa’s hair over her face, he moves his fingers to get them off her face. Once done he starts playing with her hair. And everyone go to sleep just like that.

Are you going ‘awww’ yet? Such a love filled family picture.

Right! Picture abhi baaki hei mere dost:

Smack comes a sound and 3 pair of eyes open up in bewilderment at the sudden noise. One more bewildered than the others but of course. Accused look thrown and the story stumbles out.

Someone was troubling you and I got in to a fight to protect you. I gave him one.

Yeah, yeah Maa knows all about the ‘giving him one’ part. After all she took the blunt of the dream and the aftereffects. So much for ‘To have and to hold, to love and to cherish, till death do us part’.


*song playing in the background ‘Dil ke armaan aansuon mein beh gaye’*


80 thoughts on “Too much love

  1. Awwwwwww.. till “to cherish” and continuing Awwwwwww at the song and the picture..

    I have no rights to ask but still can you remove that, “till death do us part”

    See I’m that senti mental like that…

      1. Now i get it…FLicker Flicker light …hawwwww D slapped u and lived to tell the tale. please do rub it every single day about the physical abuse 🙂

        What fun…hmmm …now that’s an idea!

            1. T that I can deal with.

              A kid (J) at daycare threw some sand in her direction. It hit her around the eye. That day when I went to pick her she ran and told me ‘ganda J. Throw sand. Eyes aaoooviii’

              And she kept saying ‘ganda J’
              I told her it was a mistake, ‘Achha J’

              Now everytime she starts saying ‘ganda’ she stops, thinks about it and says ‘achha J’ 😀 😀

  2. I had a smile on my face from start to end..Loved the way you narrated, Buzz is super sweet , I can so imagine her coming with the little blanket and squeezing between you both 🙂

  3. Awww… 🙂
    she is so so cute!! You let her protect her paa!! hmmph! After all she is “giving one” just to do that!! 😀

    hugs to little buzz!! 🙂

  4. Sigh. The picture part was difficult to understand until I read comments. Jyada jor se to nahi lagi ( Jale pe namak it is called :P)

    Baki Buzz is super cute 🙂

      1. I have tried in colors a few times but the doodles don’t look as good. Or maybe I like pencile better.

        You want one? I will send it over promise. Just send me your address. 🙂

  5. Once again I am stunned at the similarity. Same scene, frame by frame replay at our house, right down to the little blanket, on Sunday mornings with the exception of the sleep position, which in our case is not the Papa Man’s bulging biceps, but the Mommy Woman’s bulging…er…tummy-ri-ceps (It IS a muscle), and the fact that even if the Papa Man were to open his eyes to see the Mommy Woman choking on her own hair he wouldn’t be bothered to so much as move a muscle. Hmph. To have and to hold indeed!

    P.S. And its always Sunday mornings isn’t it? On weekdays the child will sleep till noon if permitted.

    1. Thank you Sands. Someone here is on my side 😀

      Well I don’t even know what morning sleep looks like now. What with the little hurricane making sure I wake up early every morning. 😐

  6. Ah now i get it.I didn’t know it was the marriage woe. I’m so very dumb. How do i sleep now. 😦 sob sob

    1. These are part of Christian wedding vows so it is ok not to know them. As you can tell I have seen a bit too many english romantic movies 😛 (PS: I have never attended a christian wedding myself)

  7. Didn’t help at all. Am a Christian myself. Shame on me. Sobs ever more. 😦 😦 p.s. lost sleep already. So switching on the tv to check for some romantic English movie 🙂

  8. sigh such a sane and lovely family you have 😥 On weekends both my boys get up before the crows and jump all over my bed, tickling me till I scream murder 😥 😥 I tell you Comfy I am tortured and it’s affecting my commenting abilities 😉

    1. I would be so happy if D and Buzz got up at the same time. I would kick them out of the house and go back to sleep. But D is a bigger Kumbhkaran than me when it comes to getting up in the morning. 😥

      Girl if anything else affects your commenting abilities we will all go crazy me things 😛

  9. So much for my superhero D protecting you woman!! Pah! Women these days. They just don’t get it when men want to protect them and keep them safe. They complain and write blog posts!! Tch tch tch. What has the world come to!

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