As we step out of the house every morning, she smells of:

– Her berry toothpaste
– Our moisturizing lotion (hers is odorless)
– Her Paa’s aftershave
– Her Maa’s deodorant spray

And Maa can’t stop holding her tight and sniffing around.


52 thoughts on “Cocktail

  1. *sniff* *sniff* this is the other kind of sniff 😥 My boy thinks I am weird if I start sniffing him all over. I love the smell of baby shampoo on his hair and he keeps asking me if i am trying to eat his hair? 🙄

    Ps: Hi% to buzz and her berry toothpaste…errr that’s coz I sometimes use that on my brush 😳

    1. I don’t know AHK. I wish they do soon. But then knowing me and how frequently I get pictures out of my camera, that smell with stay put, never to be sniffed on forever 😀

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