The problem with..

..wearing clothes with extra stretch for days at end is that you get so comfortable that you eat whatever you can lay your hands on. Then you stand on the weighing machine one fine day and can only look on with disbelief.

..praying for the sun to show its face constantly is that it comes out of the cloud cover on a weekday when the only thing you can do is look out the window and sigh, knowing fully well that the weekend will be back to the usual grey. in and letting a little someone to sleep with you early morning one day is that you have to walk her back to her room 2-3 times at night as she drags her blanket along for days at end.

..agreeing to work over the weekend is that some people don’t know when to back off and let you have some time to actually have some kind of a break.

..being stressed is that the frustration comes out on everyone but the one person you are upset with.

..taking a week’s break from the regular workout schedule, no matter what the reason, is that it is very difficult to get back on track.

..filling out your review once a year is that you are rusty at your creative writing skills and they take a while to brush up.

..not talking to your ex-officemate for a real long time is that you don’t get to hear gems like, ‘binna baat ke kyoin tension le rahi hei? Kitna farak padega? 1%?’*

*Why are you stressed for no reason? How much difference will it make? 1%


42 thoughts on “The problem with..

  1. …when you know you have nothing to do, still you take an off at work and sit at home staring at the ceiling.

    Hope all your stress vanishes and also the days gets better soon..

  2. Stretch clothes well now some like me HAVE to wear kya karen ab…..
    It is funny my review was to be in jan, still waiting so no tension of filling

    At my works collegues change often so again no tension:-)

    Totally understand abot the sun uk weather weekdays will be nice come weekend cloudy and rain *sigh*

    1. You have been waiting for your review for over 6 months now? I would have given up on it completely.

      I like my work collegues for most part so don’t want any major changes, but they still come no matter what. 🙂

      Rain. 😥

  3. Ohhhh love the review one…except i get to use my creative skills twice a year – now do u understand why i am not blogging.

    and one bigggg hug to the little someone who drags her blanket 🙂

    and Work —the bottomline is 80% of our problems are due to work and we work because our parents educated us…so It’s all your parents fault!!! at least that’s what i tell my janani

    p.s. Like your friend said – Work is koi farak nahi padega

    1. Twice a year? Oh God! I would give up on work if that were the case. hugs for her. She does not let me sleep 😡

      LOVE LOVE LOVE your funda. Yes it is all our parents fault.

      PS: I know, but still I stress. How sad is that?

  4. Awww! hugs babes….stress ko chod do and enjoy..

    Hugs to the blanket dragger 🙂

    Review is so tough yaar…now I have learnt, half the things I copy paste from the previous year ka review 😉 and add some random additional points…what to do..dont have the patience or the skill to fill up a 10 page long review form..and to think RD’s office has quarterly reviews..I would have left the job long time back 🙂

    And the clothes bit..well lets not even talk about that…I wear tents now a days 🙂

    1. Quaterly review? 😮 First Nuttie with twice a year, now RD with 4 times a year. Oh God! do people ever get any work done?

      I like your cut paste idea. Let me see if I use it the next time. 😀

  5. I know what you mean about how hard it is to get back to your regular workout after a break…feeling it here! And hope the stress eases soon and you get a break! Here’s wishing you a sunny weekend! 🙂

    1. When you take a break you realize what evil things workout are. Getting back to them is pure torture. 😐

      Thanks for the sunny weekend wish. Sun God are you listening?

  6. No, no…don’t work on weekends Comfy. Put your foot down girl..definitely deserve those two days after all the slogging. Seriously.

    Annual review is one thing everyone ( add me too, of course) hates to do the writing for. Thankfully ours has a auto ‘writing assistant’ tool that puts in the right words whenever you prompt 😛

    Sunshine – Ahhhhh…come down here..its so warm…and refreshing..and golden..and happily BRIGHT here!! Ok, will stop now 😀

    1. There is only so much foot putting down AHK. What with crazy release cycle and review hanging over our heads.

      Oh, I love the ‘writing assistant’ tool. How can I get it? Please help.

      hmph, some people show off wonly. 😐

    1. Thanks Pixie. Have been trying walking and reading as an when I get the time. Some amazing friends send me bath salts that I am using very stringently because I want them to last. 😛 But yeah that is a check too 😀

  7. Stress can make even a sunny day feel gloomy and tiring 😦
    Hope all your stresses fly out of the exhaust and fill you with new energy and sunny, buzzie smiles 😀 😀

  8. The clothes with extra stretch are the bane of my existence too. Except now I have stretched them out of shape, and I have to shop for new ones, and shopping when you’ve piled on the pounds is super depressing! I know how hard it is to get back after a workout-break, I tend to be off it for months then! I think the trick is to force yourself to just begin one day and it usually gets easier after that.
    Hope the sun comes out and all your stresses evaporate soon 🙂 hang in there.

    1. That is exactly what I did. Forced myself to go one day. Things get so much easier after that 🙂

      Thanks for the wishes for the sun. Everyone around me will be thankful to all of you for them 🙂

  9. Come on..give me all your stress…and I shall take them away 🙂 …Close your eyes..and see the magic..they are gone..aren’t they? 😀

  10. Being frustrated with someone and taking it out on someone else is so true! to spare us the review torture, the company i work for has done away with the useless model.. its a continuous assessment (no carrying negative feedback till the d-day) and works for everyone- the appraiser and appraised:)

    1. I have my sketchbook which helps a LOT. Evening walks, have set deadlines for things (especially work), a good book help a little bit to.

  11. The last one reminded me of that dialogue from ‘Chalo Dilli’ : “Kaunsi badi baat ho gayi?” Awesome movie! 🙂

    1. Oh yes, almost every night. But sometimes she is so sleepy that she does not finish her walk and she is found sleeping on her blanket in the pathway between our two rooms 😀

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