Wheels on the bus

..go round and round

Buzz wants me to sing it over and over again. After I am done with every verse I stop and she tell me the part to sing next.

Me: ..all around the town.
Buzz: Driver.
Me: Driver on the bus..all around the town.
Buzz: Horn.
Me: Horn on the bus..all around the town.
Buzz: How about daddy?
Me: <ignores her> Doors on the bus..all around the town.
Buzz: <she barely waits for the ‘town’ to finish before she chimes in> How about daddy?
Me: Baby on the bus..all around the town.
Buzz: How about DADDY?
Me: Mommy on the bus..all around the town.
Me: Daddy on the bus goes <and I pause>
Buzz: I lub oo <with a huge smile on her face>

Runs to where D is and gives him a hug..

I lub oo Papa.

Paa promptly melts in a puddle. Oh! that grin on his face refuses to go away.

And that my friends is why Daddy has to be the last one on the bus.


51 thoughts on “Wheels on the bus

  1. Awww! she is so adorable..even R had this phase of wheels of the bus…but apart from Daddy (which even I reserved for the last), we had thatha, thathi, mama, mami, and even her friends (by name) on the bus!

    and she said ‘I lubooo’ how cute is that 🙂

  2. Ok I seriously thought about it and I’m ready to stand in the queue, how ever long it may be -Anything for that, “I lub oo”

    P.S: Do you fall for bribes.. (I will send you the chocolate box which I’m going to get this week end 😉 or do you atleast fall for sympathy.(See i’m a old lady going to get married to a very old man …) 🙂 🙂

  3. OMG !!! I could actually imagine Buzz doing this in that red frock [the pic you sent] my lovely darling….mella sota sha baccchaaaa….tell her to say Labbu Nu massi too the next time you call….I’m dying to hear her !

  4. the ygo round and round .. Ok ok before i comment on the article listen to this sorry sorry .. when we were in college , we would ride by someone riding there bike-scooty and and shout at them “AAGE wala Tyre Ghoom raha hai”.. and fataak screech they would stop to have a look 🙂 he he he he the round and round reminded me of that …

    yessssssssssss Daddy tooooooooo.. daddy’s little girl blesss 🙂

  5. You seriously made my day comfy!!!

    Am grinning so big, I doubt it’ll go away any time soon today 😀 😀

    Sweet like honey cake – this post.

    Big Tight {{Hugs}} ( no, not for you this time, for Buzz baby okay? ) 🙂

  6. I lub oo Buzz, you are super sweet..

    Comfy, Looks like we are sailing in similar boat, Chucky is in similar phase too.. when we went to pick her she came hugged her dad and said I love lo daddy and I miss you daddy we had shock and whole day he was smiling out of pride.

    1. Done! We will add it to our song.

      Nuttie this is the original poem. No lubbb ooo for Mom on this bus. Baby cries on the bus, Mommy says shh shhh shh and Daddy gets to say I love you. How mean is that? 😥

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