Because we got worried

..about Buzz not knowing English she decided to show off her complete vocabulary.

Look it Mumma.

As she points to anything and everything.

Where did the <fill in the blank> go?

Where the blank could be a cat, dog, horse, cow, duck, piggy, donkey, mumma, papa, nani, shoe, jacket, roti, sabi*, book.. The list is endless.

Keep it right here on the top.

Everything has to be kept ‘right here on the top’ even when pointing to the bottom most drawer of the closet.

Mumma read it.
Kya Buzz?
Read it. (pointing to the book)
Mumma padh do! (with an expression that says “Can’t you understand something this simple?”)

Which cracks me up and makes me have this conversation every single time with her.

Further proof on the grasp of the language goes like this:

– Yes has changes to Yeah.
– Yup is also heard from time to time.
– Thank You is a thing of the past to be replaced by Thanks.
– Bicycle has given way to bike.

All this while D looks on and wonders ‘Iska yeah accent kahaan se aaya?’**

**Where did she get her accent from?


46 thoughts on “Because we got worried

  1. hahahahha! padho na…seriously cute…but I am now getting worried about R’s hindi..seriously..its not even like good Hindi…totally Mumbaiyya ..and thats the only language she speaks..though she does understand the rest

  2. Go buzz Go.. each time you write a post on her it brings a smile to me 🙂 Priceless moments

    aur next time SAMJHO what the little one is saying .. ab kitni baar bolna padega usko .. uufffff aaj kal ke parents .. 🙂

  3. Whatever anyone says, I love the accent these Indian kids abroad develop 😀
    Say, ok, sending in a recording for our listening pleasure now? 😀

    1. Have never give a thought about the accent kids have here. But there is this guy we know who is Maharashtrian married to a Chinese gal. Their son takes after his mom in looks with straight hair and small eyes and then he turns around and speaks to his dad in Marathi. It is just too cute for some reason 🙂

  4. Very cute indeed.
    On Similar note when Chucky ask for milk and I ignore her she shouts milk milk and then Pal Pal , if I ignore further she takes me to fridge and later to microwave 🙂

    Iska yeah accent kahaan se aaya, even we keep wondering 🙂

    Hugs to Buzz she is a darling and I am glad she is using both languages 🙂

  5. Amreekan ban gayi apni pyari Buzzie baby 😀

    Well, almost getting there 😉

    I like their style and drawl and accent and all that..but sometimes makes me am little concerned that they’ll consider our desi style uncool very soon. (?!)

    LOVED to read your baby’s newly acquired English vocabulary…and continue to draw the laughs while she is at it 😀

  6. My niece is in US and and I keep teasing my sister that we all will soon have to take english lessons from her. Isnt is very cute when they speak with accent….may be you should record Buzz’s talk and post it for readers like us.

  7. can you send Buzz to me. I will learn the accent from her and promise to send her back in 1 week, or say 2 weeks or may be 3 week or can I keep her ???. Man… She is sooooo cute….

    1. You want her? Are you sure? See I am ready to send her off, but there is this line with people fighting over ‘who gets her’ so you sure you want to stand in line? 😀

      Thanks Tharani for stopping by. 🙂

  8. Iyyo this is the biggest problem of my life these days. I feel like an illiterate when the boy opens his mouth coz I hardly understands his accent 😥 But thank god he is so patient that he repeats the sentence again and again till I am ROFLing :mrgreen:

    Aww apna Buzzy english mame ban gayi? 😉

    1. That day is coming for us to Saks but till the let me talk to her in Hindi and hears her say things like ‘barish hori (ho rahi) tup tup’ 😀

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