Of blog friends and being thankful

– When someone pings to ask if things are all right after reading a particular line in the blog out of the entire post about something else.

– When someone sends emails with the subject ’30 secs of zero stress’ with a picture of a flower in your favorite color one day, a picture of your favorite fruit some other day, a picture of  flowers glowing in candle light on another. All because they figured out that you are stressed about random stuff.

– When someone tells you that they are hiding something and will not talk about it. And as you get talking the little details start to come out. Finally the same someone gives up and gives you all the details.

– When someone finds out a small little detail about you, picks up the phone and calls you.

– When someone is just plain happy for you and it shows in every single line of email.

– When so many someones invite you over to their place just because you want to eat good Rasam.

– When someone reads your craving for Rasam, pings you, scolds you for not talking about it before and goes on to write the recipe down in an email.

– When someone silently reads your post and writes down the recipe for making Rasam powder just the way Amma does and sends it your way. While you are still smiling about it, the very next day you find a recipe on how to make Rasam in your inbox.

How can you not be thankful for all the friends the world of words has brought in to your life when these friends show they care in so many special ways. When these friends always bring about a reason to smile on the saddest of days. When these friends bring with them a blanket of warmth when it is needed the most.

Thank you dear blog and all the people who make it the special place it is.

PS: Dear Brat, from the two Rasam recipes I now have, ghee seems to be the special ingredient. No wonder you can’t make it well 😛

32 thoughts on “Of blog friends and being thankful

  1. Oh you are lucky to have so many good friends around you 🙂 and I can so relate the friendship we make around the blogging world. I am new to this world, but I see I already have a bunch of good friends around me virtually to share my feelings.

  2. Well it is said and i throughly beleive that Good people , a Good human always sees the goodness in others .. and you have jsut written a whole article on friends and others ..

    and As Nu says above ‘acche logo ke saath accha hi hota hai’ There you go it says it all ..

    Take care and Smile 🙂

  3. Awww! You are sweet arent you to even acknowledge all this on the blog 🙂 and rasam definitely needs ghee in it as per RM’s mom’s rule # 645

    1. Sometimes friends need to be told that they make your day. This was my way of saying it all 🙂

      I will remember rule# 645 from now on 😀

  4. My blog friend sends me the awesomest ‘hatke’ gifts. She also has agreed to be my shrink and already does a fab job. She makes me drag my sorry butt out in the cold to have fun on new years eve despite being unwell. She hears out every rant or whine of mine and consoles me beautifully. She even bitches with me to our heart’s content 😛
    Heeeee haaaaw 😀

  5. what goes around comes around:):)…so u have earned it comfy!!!!:):)..and it is all in the “ghee!!”:):)

    1. You are too sweet for words Another Day. Once day I hope it all comes around to you, just multiplied 10 times. 🙂

      Thank You so very much. 🙂

  6. U guys want tamil brahmin style rasam ???? Then u shld have asked me na….will mail u Comfy…one more recipe to learn. 🙂

    Hugs to the wonderful human being who attracts such lovely frnds to her…. 🙂

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