Of friends and being thankful

Night before last was bad. Sleep came in small little intervals. Added to that I had a physiotherapy appointment early morning, so could not sleep in a little longer. End result – a super tired me during the work day. To the extent that I could not keep my eyes from closing as I sat, pretending to work.

Tired, cranky, sleepy, around 4:30 in the evening, I pinged D asking him if we could go home. He had some important meeting to go to and so I was asked to wait.

As I sat resigned but sulking, in walked a friend B. He took one look at me and told me I should go home and catch some sleep. Which meant I got full permission to rant at the injustice of it all. A few minutes in to the rant B asked me to pack up my stuff. Said he would be down in 5 mins with his keys and would drop me home since my place is on route to his.

I quickly wrote to D that I was leaving, picked up my bag and off we went. Soon after I got home, I was fast asleep.


A little someone I love to call ‘the brat’ keeps talking about Rasam and how she had some good one, but never gives me the recipe since according to her she makes real awful Rasam. I happen to meet a work friend of mine, R, two days back. Discussion moved to food so I asked him if he knew how to make Rasam. His first words were, ‘Amma’s masala’. I pulled a face at this, since there is no way my Amma is making any Rasam masala for me (she does not know how after all).

Today, I have a container full of Rasam on my desk. When I tried thanking him, he brushed it off by saying, it was nothing and that he outsourced it to his wife so that I could get the best Rasam anyways.


Now I sit looking at the watch. Can’t wait to get home, heat up the Rasam as instructed, make hot rice and eat it all. But till then I will be thankful for the friends I have, who do and mean so much by their little acts of caring.

44 thoughts on “Of friends and being thankful

  1. 😀 I really do make awful Rasam but I did offer to send my Rasam-maker – K over to you! He’s potty trained, cooks VERY well, cleans, sings, smiles a dazzling smile and is a Paediatrician. Full package comes for free. Take him I say!

  2. Awww! what a lovely post..made me smile..and yaa my mom cooks a real mean rasam..next time you are in Mumbai, buzz me and it shall be couriered from Goa 🙂

    1. You can sing lullabies? Done off we come to your land.

      R’s Mom will get Rasam couriered from Goa and you will make sure I get some sleep. What else can I ask for? 😀

      PS: Lullabies are not for me, but for Buzz. If you can ensure she sleeps well I will sleep without any issues. 😀

      PPS: Buzz is my entry pass to all your peoples houses. As if I would come without her.

  3. Awww! 🙂 That was so sweet!
    Oh, and I make awesome rasam (I know, that sounds so boastful, but I just do! :P), so will treat it to you sometime 😉

    1. No No. This is good. I now know where all to land up when I want good Rasam. Thanks DI, I just might take you up on your offer. 😀

  4. Friends are a blissss. One of my friends when came to uk brought 6kg of badaam barfi 🙂 and then you are allowed two litres of alcohol and they all get two bottles of rc.. My favourite

    They never forget what I like

    You got lovely friends god bless all the friends..they make life beautiful…

  5. I make brill rasam. AB, BFF and a few friends over here who were given rasam to treat cold are my references. I also make various types of rasam to suit the weather/mood. I have no Amma’s masala, I make my own.
    Will you have me over pls? 😀

  6. friends are the best 😀

    my sis makes the best rasam ever 😀 yes, even better than amma’s 😛 will ask her to make some for you and bring with me when i come to visit, ok? 😀

    1. Please to come soon. We will even take you without Rasam. We will add loads of icecream to act as bribe as well. Just come over. 😀

  7. Comfyyyy…you never mentioned the rasam to me! Why am I sitting here, not knowing a thing about your rasam craving? 😦

    I can send you some ma’m ( Amma made) and the recipe too. But, until then, the MTR rasam powder you get in Indian grocery store works perfectly too.

    Ping me when you have a min, k?

    1. I don’t know why I never told you. 😐 I wish I had, because you are oh so sweet working on sending me that recipe as I type this.

      Thank You so very much. 🙂

  8. You do have some lovely friends. Touch wood.
    I can make okay rasam. It isn’t great, nor is it bad. You’ve made me crave my mom in law’s rasam now 😀

    1. How about we make a pact? You invite me when you MIL is over at your place. You get to play with Buzz while I eat Rasam and all the other yummy food she makes. 😀 😀

      Win win (for me at least) :mrgreen:

      PS: You can invite me early as well (say when your mom comes over) if you like (hint hint 😳 )

  9. Feel better soon Comfy!! I have no idea how to make rasam 😦 but I can take you to the nearest Udupi and we can wolf it down together 😉

    1. It was just lack of sleep,nothing else. All better now. Thanks Sonia. 🙂

      Finding the nearest Udupi sounds like a perfect plan 😀

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