How to get that rock you have been drooling over

A couple of days back a random guy at work (am guessing he works in my bigger team since he has an office on the same floor as me) stopped me out of the blue and started talking. The first day it was ‘Hi’. The next it was ‘What’s your name?’ Which was followed by ‘Which team do you work in?’ Continuing on to ‘Which release cycle are you currently working on?’. A new question every day. The whole thing is starting to make me a little uncomfortable.

As we made our way home this evening, I started telling D about all this.

D: Have you not being wearing your ring?
Me: As if I take it off (PS: I love my ring).
D: I should get you a bigger ring then.

There you have it ladies, the perfect way to get that big rock you have been eyeing for a while. Try and tell me if it works. 😀

66 thoughts on “How to get that rock you have been drooling over

  1. Hi there!

    But, surely this strategy won’t work for me.
    SJ hardly bothers about whose talking and whole flirting with me.

    Lucky you…..

  2. Aha….neat! 😀

    One day when the ‘admirer’ spots Buzz running to you ,a music shall play in the background – “Umar ka pata hi nehi chalta..Santoor Santoor”


  3. I agree with AHK. You should stop being so hot, it’s not that guy’s fault 😀 😉

    If I try this at home, Vijesh is likely to buy a bigger ring and roses too. But not for me, for the guy that’s hitting on me 😐

    1. How can you say that about Vijesh? Poor guy went and spoke to your dad. All the while shaking with fear that your dad would pull out his gun.

      And look what you did. Made me side with Vijesh of all things. 😐

    1. WHAT? You actually need some guy to start talking to you? Can’t you cook up some story around it and see how things go?

      Oh Nuttie I thought you were smarter than that? 😛

  4. Lol. I know this would never work for me. Mint would only laugh and be pleased to note that other guys are showing interest or are admiring me.

    On the other hand, if I just ask him to get me that rock, that might just work 😀

    1. Aah new love..newly married people. Give it a few years (till no one line maroos on Mint). I can promise it will work them. Never underestimate the J factor 😀

    1. Aiyo! Don’t listen to these girls. They are pulling my leg so make me taller or help me get rid of baby (err now toddler) weight 😐

  5. Er, like many said before, it won’t work me at all! The Dude will just smirk and say ‘ So many fans, and look who got you’ or something like that 😉
    If I ask for the rock, he will look at me and ask, are you sure you don’t want an Ipad ? Or some other gadgety thing which I will immediately choose over this :|! Damn!

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