Sizing things up

Buzz is growing taller faster than I can keep up..err buy new clothes for her. One day I looked at her as I dressed her to realize her pants could pass for capris. Which meant a trip to the store for me, and so off I went. Got a couple of new jeans for her. Washed, dried, ready to wear, I took one of them out Monday morning. Buzz taook one at it and started screaming:

Yeah Didi ka, me ka nahein.

No matter what I said, she refused to wear them. They looked too long to her eyes than the jeans she wears regularly. And anything bigger had to belong to her Didi. Frustrated, making no headway, I gave up, got an old pair out, got Buzz dressed and out the door.

We were moving a few things around when I came around a box with Buzz’s clothes from a year back. Buzz of course did not remember any of them. She was fascinated with them. Took them out, sized them up. Looked at me:

Yeah chote Bhaiya ka.

Yeah Buzz, it has been a while since your Didi and chota Bhaiya left but you still miss them. But I am glad you got to know them to miss them.

34 thoughts on “Sizing things up

    1. That was the plan for the next day but she agreed to wear them without much fuss. Phew!

      err..she does add their name before or after the Didi and chota bhaiya but I am glad she does not call them by their name only.

  1. Awww she is such an adorable baby – err cn I call her that 😉
    Loads of muahs to the cutie-pie 🙂

  2. Box full of old clothes..yes, I have them too and Thank God for cousins/friends with younger babies, they get nicely reused.

    In the same note, about Buzz baby clothes..send them over to Paapu I say 😀

    [ They grow up taller so quick right in front of our eyes..almost unbelievable that speed na?. Sigh!]

    1. I got rid a lot of mine thanks to the SIL having the second one, well I send everything she send with a ‘Thanks for the loan’ note attached. 😀

      Now let me figure out a way to send this next box for Paapu. 😀

  3. Buzz sounds too sweet here, even Chucky is growing tall, I was depressed when she turned 1, I think I might cry loud when she turns 2. They grow too fast isn’t it? I wish we could pause time for a while..

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