Proud parents

Early this week D looked very thoughtful and a little worried as he came to pick me up from work. Sensing something was up I asked him what was wrong.

What had happened was, Buzz spied him step inside her class at daycare and came running. She was super happy to see him (since I am the one who mostly goes to pick her up in the evenings) and was chatting excitedly. Her teacher tried talking to her a couple of times but Buzz was busy talking to D (in Hindi) and did not reply to her teacher (who was asking her questions in English). Right about then another parent came to pick up his daughter and she was replying to her dad and the teacher (in English).

We speak in Hindi at home. Always have. We are not making a special effort to talk in Hindi at home because we want Buzz to learn the language but rather it is what comes naturally to us. In the past month or so we have noticed an exponential growth in what Buzz can say in Hindi. In fact a lot of things she says catches us by surprise because unlike when she first started talking we have not been making any special effort to help her grasp the language. This combined with Buzz not replying back in English, which is the main language of communication here, is what got D thinking.

Are we doing the right thing? Should we start talking to her in English? We don’t want her to feel lost at daycare, do we? What if she does not understand anything they say there?

Endless questions he threw my way. Which in turn got me worried. Till I took some deep breaths, calmed myself and started thinking on what I see when I go pick Buzz up every day. Suddenly a conversation I had with the accountant of Buzz’s daycare (whose daughter is a couple of months younger to Buzz and is in the same class as her) came to mind. We had got talking about how quickly the two girls were growing up and like a proud, besotted parent I started out on how much Buzz can talk now and how she was picking up new words and making sentences without us teaching her. To which she responded with, how great Buzz’s language skills were and how great she was communicating what she wants, especially for her age. I had been on cloud nine for the rest of that day, smiling non-stop.

Worry abated I turned to D:

Me: Buzz is fine. I am sure she has no issues at all.
D: Are you sure?
Me: Yes I am (went on to tell him my encounter)
D: hmm. But can you still talk to her teacher when you go pick her up tomorrow.
Me: Yeah I will.

Next day all geared up I fired my first question. Buzz’s teacher looked at me with surprise:

English is not what Buzz speaks at home? Really? I would have never guessed. She understands everything we tell her and replies back in almost complete sentences. Knows her letters, her numbers, her shapes, her colors, her poems. She is one very intelligent kid. I would not worry about her at all.

She went on to ask me about how much Buzz could talk in Hindi and seemed more and more impressed as I showed off. I came home super proud of my little one. I know the teachers are probably trained to sooth the fears of the parents and even say that the child is intelligent but I will bask in the praise for a little while more.

Buzz and I were heaving breakfast yesterday morning when she made a fist and said ‘a’ followed by the name of a girl in her class. I look on confused. She repeated it a couple more times and it hit me, she is signing the letter ‘A’.

Me: <copies the same hand position> A?
Buzz: Yeah!
Me: aur?
Buzz: <makes some changes and says> M. <followed by the name of another girl in her class>
Me: <copies her again> M?
Buzz: Haan. (Name of the girl)’s

She went on to show me E, B, K, S, J and R. Clueless me did what any self-respecting parent who has no idea what is going on does these days. Booted up my laptop, searched for ‘sign language for alphabets’. It is time for me to get back to studying folks. My daughter knows more things at her age than I know at mine.

But till I catch up and figure out certain contortion on my fingers means what letter I continue to bask in the pride that is my own little Buzz.

62 thoughts on “Proud parents

  1. ok i didn’t quite get the last bit…figure it out soon comfy i need to know now!!!

    hmmmph and the next time u & D have doubts about buzz language skills, good girl skills etc log into buzz fans…u know where to find us 🙂

    p.s. hugs comfy…hi fi buzz

  2. Oh yeah….those moments when u feel that ur children know something more or a little clueless on what it is, certainly makes u rush to google / wiki.

    See, Buzz is so smart – as we all know Comfy. Lemme also bask in the glory and ur happiness….its the right moment.

    Actually, children can learn so many languages, while they are young….its easy – they grasp it so fast and they are never confused. We only think that talking to the child in diff languages will confuse them.

    Hugs Buzz…you are wonderful.

    1. That makes perfect sense Uma. I am very bad with languages and can’t even imagine learning a new one at this stage in my life. But Buzz is picking 2 of them up at the same time. 🙂

  3. Wow thats super nice…Buzz baby way to go :)R can definitely understand a bit of about 4 languages though like I always crib, she speaks the typical Mumbaiyya hindi 😦

  4. 😯 parenting is no easy job
    Baap re!
    Buzz- I lub oo. You know the difference between members of the cat family and now this! Me super proud!!! Comfy I am telling you- she is going to tell you the Fibonacci series before she starts school. 😀

  5. She is fine and super intelligent girl.
    Too young to worry about english or hindi or sign language.
    sorry to ask but why is it that we want our kods to know english more the reason is my sis in india goes a lot on about her daughter speaks only punjabi at home an she is worried she wont pick english.
    I am sure they will.

    1. Bikram I can speak only for us. We stay in a country where English is the only language of mass communication. So we got worried that she might not understand anything being said to her at daycare or the she might not being able to get her point across. Beyond that she is too little for us to worry about lanugages.

  6. Whaaaat nonsense! Buzz is trilingual. She can say Akka! And Akka will make sure she picks up some Tamil words as well. And maybe some French!

          1. Aahaa where are the popcorn? 😀

            But to be honest I almost fell off my seat when I saw her comment. But I will leave the stage open for Rev. 😀

            1. There IS a no comments policy! But then I saw this injustice done to my kutti thangachi and I couldn’t take it. So I had to come and sort the mother out.

    1. Oh knowing one word ‘Akka’ makes her know the entire language? Then I know Tamil because I know more words than her. 😛

      Oh and I know words in Punjabi, Marathi, Kanada, Bengali and Gujrati too. 😀

      And and you know Hindi. 😀

      1. Yo! For her age 1 word is awesome. For your age and intelligence, you need to be able to read a novel in the particular language to say that you know the language. Shoooo!

  7. Wow! She’s learning sign language as well! Very impressive! Learning more than one language is always good to challenge a child cognitively Comfy! It’s great that Buzz is fluent with 2 languages and is learning a third sign language — she might even learn more on starting school. 🙂

    1. They teach sign language at her daycare, so she is picking up from there. I am picking it up along with her from the internet. 😛

  8. Yeah these moments when our kids do something we never knew they know make us fill with so pride and joy is really so intelligent …i think why she does not talk in english at home is because u all r speaking in hindi at home …she is smart enough to fiugure out what is the langauge of conversation where –at home hindi and at playschool english

  9. You had a doubt about Buzzy?? 😯 even after knowing she had Revs, Nutty and me for maasi’s? 😡 It runs in the web Comfy :mrgreen:

    Sigh the only time I feel I take my duty as a parent seriously is when I feel this pride, just the way you do right now 🙂 Bask in the glory now and I assure you with a gal like Buzz you will get to do that forever and ever 🙂

    1. Rev Maasi? 😮 If she reads it you are done for. What fun :mrgreen:

      We parents find a way to bask in the glory one way or the other, all the time. 😀

      1. Ah that’s ok. Sakshi is allowed to make mistakes like this. We need to give her the benefit of doubt owing to her old age and all 😉

    1. Kids are known for picking up languages very easily. But that does not stop us for worrying about nothing and being proud of the same nothing. 🙂

  10. Oh, you diplomat you..

    Teachers trained to say child is intelligent itseems. Ah, just go ahead and AGREE she IS an intelligent kid Comfy.Don’t deny yourself the joy one bit , k? 🙂

    We plan the same ( talk in mother tongue(s) @ home and leave Paapu to pick her English on her own. Hoping she’ll turn out a easy case like the Buzz.

    Pass some sweet kisses on her head from me pls 🙂

    1. Oh I hear her teachers telling most every parent this AHK, so no I am not being a diplomat. 😐

      But I am enjoying it. No question about that. 😀

      Paapu gets to lear so many languages. She will run circles around everyone once she grows up. 😀 Oh and she is an easy kid so I bet she will do wonderful with all the various languages. 🙂

  11. Buzzie is awesome!
    Don’t worry Comfy. It is hard for us to learn languages as adults. But kids have an infinitely higher capacity to absorb and learn. It is a lot easier to learn a language upto a certain age, beyond that is gets very difficult.

    We spoke a mix of Hindi and English at home. But I ended up learning and speaking fluent Marathi and a good amount of Gujrati and Konkani just by being around friends who conversed in those languages. It was easy to learn then. And now at this age, I find myself struggling to learn Tamil.. 🙂

    1. Oh you know soooo many languages? Can you please rub that in to Rev for me please? 😀 😀

      I am glad to hear about it Pepper. 🙂

  12. First time on your blog and while reading this post, I was going Awwww!! 🙂

    Before I let you know my 2 cents, I am married with no kids so far… so have zero experience in this… But, I do know parents who talk to their kids in English thinking it will help them grasp the language better… I do NOT agree to that.. These days, kids are forced to speak in English at school.. If they speak in English even at home, how will they ever learn their mother tongue?

    I completely, totally agree with your decision!!! 🙂

    1. For us we have no doubt that Buzz will pick up Englsih. Hindi is the iffy language here. Having said that we don’t make any special effort to teach her Hindi. We speak it at home, just the way we did before we had her. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by Nova. 🙂

  13. Buzz is sounds so inteligent here, Please pass on my tight hugs to her. Daycares are so much fun isn’t it?

    My expereince:
    We speak so many languages at home, I did go through the same when Chucky was an year old and was about to start day care. When my inlaws were here she spoke Telugu as we spoke alot at home, when we went to India, my folks spoke Malayalam and with in no time Chucky learned, after we got back now she speaks English, Hindi and Spanish.R and I speak Hindi and English at home as we have different mothertongue. I have no tension now a days. I myself speak around 6 languages and one of them I learned recently. So just be relaxed, let Buzz speak what she feels like, don’t change your lifestyle for her 🙂

    1. We are relaxed now. She will pick up languages as and when she needs them.

      Wow Chucky is so lucky, she will get to learn all these different languages. And you can speak 6. Wow.. 🙂

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