As we eat

Buzz is not a fussy eater. She has her likes and dislikes but eats without making me jump through hoops. And when she is done, she is done. No one can force her to eat once she is done.

And thus things lay till about two months back, when she had a bad cold. She stopped eating all but for her favorite fruits and that too not as much as she normally would. I waited it out till she got better having learned from pass experience that she would get back to eating when she recovered. Only she did not. A couple of weeks passed and still she would not eat more than a bite or two and be done. I was having health issues of my own and the added stress of constantly trying to get Buzz to eat was taking a toll on me. One evening D saw the run down state I was in and took over Buzz’s meal times.

Boring meal times suddenly took a new flavor. XYZ bite were introduced.

D: Yeah kon se bite hei?*
Buzz: Air-pain.
D: Yay airplane bite.
Buzz: Air-pain bite <places food in her mouth>

And on to parachute, climber, helmet, skydiver, gloves, rope bite. Food was finished or at least she ate till she was hungry no more.

We figured out that the real reason behind her not eating was the switch from one of us feeding her to her insistence that she would eat on her own, but not having the patience to sit and eat. D made it fun for her which helped get through the waste-of-time meal time.

Once past that hurdle, she got back to eating the way she used to. Now a day the three of us sit together as we eat our meals, with Buzz naming her bites every now and then as we nod along. No active participation required from our sides. Then last night D was busy with some work related emails and I was cleaning up the kitchen. But Buzz was hungry and wanted dinner, so I placed her plate on the table and she ran to her chair, sat down and started eating. A few bites down, some of her hunger assuage, she looked around. Saw that both of us were busy so looked a little further. Got down from her chair,  picked up the stuffed rabbit she likes to call ‘Mumma Rabbit’ (mumma’s rabbit), sat it down on the chair I usually sit on..

Pasha paneer, khao rabbit.**

..she said with every bite she ate.

When I was done cleaning I sat next to her. Took a small roti with paneer from her plate and pretended to feed it to the rabbit.

Kaho rabbit, jaldi khao.

My little bee laughed so much. Cracking up every time I fed the rabbit and would follow it up by eating the rabbit’s portion.

Dinner finished with laughs and smiles are such blessings. Touchwood.

*Which bite is this?
**Pasta paneer, eat rabbit. I was out of tomatoes one day as I made paneer. D and Buzz were out grocery shopping but where taking too long, so I got pasta sauce out and added it in place of tomatoes (What? Same thing as tomatoe puree). When Buzz was fussing about eating, I told her it was ‘pasta paneer’ (she LOVES Pasta) and she ate her portion up in no time. Since then she calls all paneer ‘pasha paneer’.


42 thoughts on “As we eat

  1. 😀 She’s such a delight to read about…I can only imagine what fun she must be to be around 😀

    ‘pasha paneer’ – me like! I don’t eat paneer, but if it’s ‘pasha paneer’ i think I might give it a try 😛

      1. One of these days I am going to come knocking on your doorsteps and ask to play with Buzz while you make Pasha Panner for us. I won’t tell you when though…it will be a surprise 😛 (ok ok, I won’t be that cruel and come whenever I please…will give you some hints beforehand 😉 )

        **have to find ways soon to get comfortable enough to fly to Comfy’s**

  2. “Dinner finished with laughs and smiles are such blessings” – I Know, I know!! * vigorously nods head *

    Isn’t it the best feeling when the kid polishes off the food in her plate! 🙂

    Big {{Hugs}} to Buzzie bee

    Loved the Buzz stories ( air plane bite..pasta paneer, LOL, one creative little family 😉

    Will remember and incorporate when time comes 😉

    Been a battle feeding food to Paapu these days.. nothing seems to work. But thankfully she is a perfect eater ( touchwood) at the day care. Wonder how?

    1. They eat better at daycare because there are other kids eating. It gives them a sense of being part of a bigger group. That was one of the main reasons we started making Buzz sit on a chair with us on the dining table and eat with us. She started eating better after that. 🙂

  3. Aww I lovee the Pasha paneer, mumma rabbit and of course Buzzy 🙂

    Comfy I still cook up stories when I have to feed the boy spicy food 🙄 otherwise he gobbles up everything all by himself telling us his school jokes 😐

    1. I haven’t even tried feeding Buzz spicy food. I don’t have the courage. I will wait for one of you expert people to come over and give it a try.

      When are you coming over again? 😀

    1. Duh me! I read the grey bit now, was too light to read earlier 😛
      You cheat! 😀
      Even I feel cheated! Poor Buzz! 😀
      Buzz doll ask Maa where is Pasha in Paneer? Ask her for me 😀

  4. The airplane thingy so reminded me of how I used to feed one of my li’l cousins 🙂 Every bite came from the plane, helicopter or something else in the sky for her 🙂

    Luvvvv Pasha Paneer 🙂

  5. You know, I am 6 years older than my sis. So I’ve had an active hand in raising her. Feeding her used to be such a nightmare, my parents would tire out. And then I would take over and tell her the same thing, that each morsel is an airplane. I would even let it zoom in the air a few times before I put it in her mouth. Your post took me back in time 🙂

    Now I can imagine lil Buzz as she sits on the table and eats, while you guys feeding the ‘pasha paneer’ to the rabbit. So totally heartwarming 🙂

    1. See you already know the tricks of the trade where are we are still learning the ropes. 🙂

      The rabbit eating and the way Buzz laughs is really heartwarming. 🙂

    1. I have been looking for a change for a while now T but was not liking any template that came along. Loved this one. And love the look of your blog as well. 😀

  6. Such a sweet post Comfy,even family dinner time helped us too to some extend with our fussy eater. I feel D and R is so much alike in their carefree parenting style. I wish I could learn that and come out of my stress. Loved the Pasha Paneer story.

    1. It is easy for guys to have carefree parenting style for some reason. Or at least that is what I have seen around.

      Eating together got us through a lot of issues so am all for it. 🙂

  7. Aww soo cute 🙂 You’re such a nice mommy, you know? I don’t have that much patience. And even now, I remember the sound of slaps (and subsequent sobs) my sister used to get when she refused to eat as a child!

    1. I can’t take much credit for this WB. Buzz is a very easy kid for most parts and D helps out with his unique take on things when things get out of hand for me. 🙂

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