As I clean up after dinner D and Buzz sit with a book counting cows, horses, sheep, pigs, chicken, ducks and whatever else they can find. Once the book is done D moves on to asking Buzz to count his eyes. ‘2’ comes the reply.

D: Papa ke ear kitne hein?
Buzz: 1 (points to left ear), 2 (points to right ear), 3 (points to the backside of the right ear), 4 (points to the backside of left ear).
D: (laughs) Papa ke teeth count karo.
Me: (gives a dirty look) Please don’t ask her that else I will have my mouth open all day and same goes for you.
D: (looks sheepish) Papa ke hair count karo.
Buzz: 1, 2.
D: (sad sad voice) Haan ab to itne he bache hein.*
Me: Papa ke baal (since she understands baal better than hair) count karo.
Buzz: 1 (finger at the hairline), 2 (finger in the middle of the head), 3 (finger at the back part of the head).
D: Chalo eak se to badha.**

Now we know what someone has on his mind and I can’t even seem to sympathies for I laugh and laugh as I look at a head *still* full of hair.

*Yeah now only so many are left.
** At least it increased by one.


36 thoughts on “Counting

  1. lol lol and lol! I think D is hoping for his daughter to not tell in her daycare that her father has four ears and three hair 😀 😀 rofl!

    this reminded me of a story I know about two sisters. one of them had one strand of hair and the other had two strands of hair. so the two strands sister used to ill-treat the other one because she had only one! will narrate it to buzz when i meet her 😀

    thanks for the translation comfy!

    1. @Abi, i think that is a Marathi folk tale- Ekki Dokki- (ek keshvaali and dho keshvaali). A good one!

      @Comfy, lol on ‘ek se tho badha’ remark:) Buzz is so cute counting 4 ears and the teeth:)!

  2. By the time i have a kid and the kid learns to count, the tall one is going to have NO HAIR…easy countings will become 🙂

    Poor men…hair loss “kind of” makes up for all the fact that so easily takes up residence in women

  3. hahahhaha! Buzz is so funny 🙂 like how R says she wants to go to the baal-cutter for a hair cut…next time D should take Buzz to the baal cutter and show her how much hair he actually has 😉

  4. Ha Ha..Nice way to start my morning..Thanks Comfy for writing down..Buzz is a sweetheart..Hugs to her..D is worried abt his hair, I am worried abt my grey hair..Hair seems to be a problem every where 🙂

    1. Ayio! If D ever read my blog I would have to hide this comment (well the entire post but this comment for sure) from him, just so that I can stay alive. 😀

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