House Full

The first time they met Buzz was all of 10 weeks old. The proud freshly christened big Didi was allowed close to Buzz only under close supervision and was only allowed to touch the little bundle with the gentlest of fingers. On top of that Buzz would let out cat-like meows as she cried which scared the poor Didi no end.

The next meeting happened right about when Buzz was finding her walking legs. Didi was either seen imitating Buzz by walking on all fours to try and get to whatever the younger one wanted before the younger one got there or trying to force Buzz to walk on her twos. No matter how things went, Didi constantly got in to trouble and did not have a good time over all.

Next time around things got a little better for Didi at least. Buzz was stubborn enough, old enough, strong enough to fight her battles. And battles they were with the two of them going at it, only to stop when both were put in different corners for a time-out.

The latest trip as Didi told her Dadi:

Dadi hum ne ladaayi bhi nahein ki. Eak baar bhi nahein.

..and with that both set of parents exhaled.

For a week or so, two little girls were seen running around the house with Didi leading the way. They were seen sitting on the table with a colored paper and multiple stickers each. When Buzz could not get her sticker peeled Didi would peel them for her before handing them over. Two little heads were seen with paper and common set of crayons. When one asked for a specific color, the other handed it over with not a protest. Every day they sat on toy cars making their way one behind the other as they played a made up a game of taking the car to the car wash (the kitchen) before taking it for a drive (the living room) and then parking it in the garage (the toy area). Splash shouted the two of them as they took baths together, pouring water on each other and making fishes swim. Two girls held on to each other’s hand not letting go, till the parents took charge and made them, as they walking through the aquarium.

Sleep time was also deemed ‘together time’, only that Buzz moves so much before she falls asleep that Didi gave up and said softly:

Bua mere ko nahein sona is ke paas.

Buzz on the other hand having gotten the chance to sleep with her Didi refused to sleep in her crib. Bua called a truce. The minute Buzz snored her first snore she was placed in her crib while Didi made her escape to sleep in peace.

For a few days the house rang with laugher, smelled of good food, swelled with love. The house was full of everything that is important. Now the reminder of the days past comes in form of a little voice:

Didi air-pain uper bye bye. Didi kal aayegi.

I wish Didi could be here tomorrow, Buzz. Only you don’t understand the concept of time yet and your kal never seems to come.

Can’t wait for the house to be full all over again. Let’s plan something soon.


36 thoughts on “House Full

    1. With that done time for a proper comment!!!

      Your post reminded me of my childhood what fun having relatives around used to be.But don’t you think that these days the no of holidays has reduced and not only that we hardly visit relatives like we used to in good old days.

      1. We would go on a month long trip visiting all family, staying at every place for a few days and the on to the next one, every single summer holidays. It used to be the best part of my year. How I miss those days. 🙂

  1. WOW my childhood that was … since we lived in a city all my cousins at one stage came to stay with us to study and at any given times there were at least 5 -6 kids in the house my parents had there hands full and house full too ..

    yeah we were a bit grown up then buzz but it was still so much fun


  2. Big Kala Tikka post 🙂 Oh God Comfy I have a lump in my throat at the end of the post. You seriously need cousins na. R hardly has anyone here too! Hugs darling Buzz..didi will be there soon

    1. We do. Cousins and extended family give us a sense that we belong some place. There are others who care about us as well. There is a special bond which I love.

      Hope R gets to see her cousins from time to time. Hugs to her. 🙂

  3. Poor buzzie baby!! 😦

    I know exactly what Didi felt like coz i had a little cousin who was a little bit of a pain – first she was too small, then she was the small one so she was right, then she just focused on being a pain…But my little baby has/was always my little munchkin. Seriously the cousins bond are undermined by you sibling people…

    1. grr Nuttie.. Buzz is no longer a pain to Didi. And she is not the little one any more. These two left the little guy all alone which kept everyone very happy. 😀

      Cousin bond is amazing at well. No undermining that one. 🙂

      1. What little one…is there another buzz??? and why grrrr….pain meaning just the slight jealousy u feel when the only grandchild becomes umm one of two grandchildren…Sob Sob childhood scars being exposed 🙂

        1. Didi graduated to Didi of two a while back.

          Yahi to mera chota bhaiya hei she told Dadi followed by Dadi mummy hospital se patli ho kar aa gayi 😀 😀

          Aah poor poor you. There are 3 grandkids now and the poor dear has to share her parents too. 😀

  4. Six months ago we visited India and T had great bonding with her cousins, they fought big time too..she still remember them and what they played etc. I feel very bad for her that she can’t meet them often. Hugs to baby Buzz.

    By the way new header nice:)

    1. If T gets to see her cousins ever so often, I think she will be fine. It is difficult but with a little effort we can help keep them close right?

      Thanks Seena 🙂

    1. It is so great. We are not too bad either. Try and get together twice a year. Have even better plans once they get a little older 😀

      Thanks Vidya 🙂

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