He does, she does

Overheard or overseen:

D: Buzz mein teri patti* lagaa duin?
Buzz: {no reaction}
D: Buzz patti?
Buzz: Cheeni**.
D: {30 sec silence and then rolls with laughter}


D and Buzz playing. D being D, is lifting her up, putting her down. At one point Buzz goes all quiet.

Buzz: No pushing Papa. Me ko no pushing.
D: Mein to kheel raha tha. I was only playing.
Buzz: {Index finger out} No pushing.
D: {dumbfounded}


Paathshala playing on the sterio

D: {Singing along} Apni to paathshala, masti ke paathshala.
Buzz: {Singing along} Api to pataala, ashti ke pataala.


Three of us in the car.

Buzz: {coughs} Mumma, me khapa khapa.
D: {coughs} Buzz, papa khapa khapa.
Buzz: Nahein papa khansi, me khapa khapa.


Buzz sitting in D’s lap as he puts her shoes on. Buzz puts her cheek on D’s cheek so D gives her a kiss.

Buzz: {Looks at me, eyes shining} Papa me paari. Papa me paari.
D & Buzz: {Two set of happy smiles look at me}


Those two give me so many reasons to laugh, smile and count my blessings every single day. What more can I ask for? Not one more thing.

*Patti (with T sound as in tap) is D’s very own term for smacking on the butt, which he says when he is feeling too much love and being a guy does not know how to show it

** Patti (with T sound as in ‘tareef karoon kya uski’) as in Tea leaves which go with Cheeni aka sugar.


34 thoughts on “He does, she does

  1. I think I will learn Hindi this way 😀

    I love her ‘Me’s!

    I love her!

    I love D!

    Okay, fine! I love you too! 😉

    1. You just come here and get cooking. I don’t even care if I don’t make it in your ‘I love you’ list.

      So when are you coming. If you can’t, send off that Doc you promised me. I think that one will do very nicely. 😀

  2. Well the two our giving us readers all these anecdotes to smile. What more can we ask for.. Wow the sheer bliss of parenthood.
    And yes khapa khapa ke liye dawai di aapne buzz ko ki sirf pooch kar hi finish……

    1. You can come and live with me for long as you like. The only stipulation being that you cook everyday. Added bonus, you get to take care of Buzz. 😀

      And yeah while you do that D and I get to sleep in. 😀

  3. awww!!! Seriously we need to thank God for such lovely moments in our lives!!

    And she knows how to speak khansi but uses a different word for herself? lol! Darn cute!

  4. “No Pushing” with the index finger out – I like that!

    D- your little girl can manage herself very well in this big bad world. Be definitely assured 🙂

    “Papa me paari.” – Am Papa’s favorite?

    Lovely ..lovely post.God bless!

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