Where is the ax?

Day 1:

I am super tired and can’t seem to keep my eyes open as I sit in front of my computer at work. All owing to the bad night Buzz had the night before, which meant I got almost no sleep. I pick up the phone to call D.

Me: Whine
D: Stop right there.
Me: But I still have ‘whine whine whine’ left.
D: Just go home and get some sleep.
Me: hmm.. maybe I will do just that. I will come to pick Buzz and you in a couple of hours.
D: Send Bhaiya. You go sleep.

I lock up my computer, wear my jacket, get the car keys out and head home. And am fast asleep less than a minute after my head touches the pillow. Only to wake up with a start. Oh no! it is time to pick the two of them up and I did not even tell Bhaiya to go pick them. I frantically call D to see if he can pick Buzz up and till then Bhaiya or I will make our way to pick the two of them.

D: Calm down. Where are you?
Me: Still at home.
D: Great, you stay there. Buzz and I will take the bus back.
Me: Are you sure. It will take way too long.
D: Yeah, yeah. Buzz is fascinated with buses so might as well introduce her to one.

Some 45 mins later Buzz comes running inside.

Buzz: MUMMMAAA. Papa, me bus. Zoom. Bus. Me me bus, Mumma.

Paa can’t seem to wipe the smile off his face.


Day 2:

As is normal with us, I go to pick Buzz from daycare. Soon after we step outside, she takes one look at the car and lays down on the road.

Buzz: Nahein Mumma, no car. Me bus. Me bus mumma. Car nahein.

I somehow get the kicking screaming hurricane inside the car and drive on to pick up D. Again as in normal when he gets inside the car:

D: Hi Buzz, kaisa hei beta?
Buzz: *Nose up in the air, looks the other way*
D: Kya hua Buzz?
Buzz: *Nose still in the air, gives him one look and looks away*
D: What is wrong with her?
Me: You are not taking her in the bus. So she is upset.
D: *Deep belly laughs*


Two days more have passed and I am the one who bears the blunt of kicks and punches that are thrown as a way of showing resentment for not taking her home in a bus. Isko kehte hein ‘Apne pairooin ke khud kulhaadi marna’.

PS: Now D tells me he will take Buzz home in a bus come Friday. God only save me!


38 thoughts on “Where is the ax?

  1. awww..sorry comfy..she’s got me there..i am proud of her for expressing what she wants right now!!!

  2. Awww. The baby knows what she wants!

    What’s with the title Comfy? Why do you need ax? Send Buzz here, I tell you. I will take her in a bus/train everyday until she gets bored and asks for a car ride 🙂

    1. We will start taking her in them more T, now that she is at the age where she will remember it all, enjoy it all, all the while staying relatively safe. 🙂

  3. Good you dont get anything till you ask for. Friday today so I guess bus time. Yayyyyggyyyyy
    At least she is good only wants a bus ride what if she asked for a plane ride. See intelligent girl she knows petrol is expensive he he he he

    Socho socho

  4. Surely the bus must be way more interesting than travelling in a car what with people to see along the journey 🙂

    Bus probably provides humanity as company to the little child.

    1. Oh I agree about the fun part. It is the lack of time part which I worry about. And well the kicks I get part.

      Thanks for stopping by Anil. 🙂

  5. Ha ha LOL @Buzz’s way of expressing. I am going through a similar phase of baby talks and everyday we end up laughing.

    Oh with car seat I am going through it as well, some days she doesn’t want to come back from the day care and I forcefully try to put her in the car seat and end up getting kicks..

    whats wrong with these dads. R is more interested in watching Dora than her, he orders new dvds and I keep scolding. He too fascinated taking T in the train and we do that very often..We are yet to try bus..She shouts with excitement every day seeing bus and train..these kids..they are too sweet..oh my god my comment seems to be too long..sorry ..

    1. Oh I loved your long comment so don’t be sorry. 🙂

      We haven’t started Buzz on cartoons yet so she is seem sitting next to dad watching basketball and screaming for Coby Bryant. 😀

  6. A big smile on my face after reading this 🙂

    Buzz babes…you’re a sweetheart..even those tantrums of yours are so sweet…comfy I owe you so much…for you share such sweet posts and make me and all of us here smile and stay happy the rest of the time 🙂

    Buzzie baby..enjoy your bus rides whenever you get them 🙂

  7. As she grows up and demands rides in the car, you’ll probably be longing for the bus-fixation to come back! 😛 Or on the other hand, this may be a good thing — she’ll love taking public transport! 🙂

    1. She is taking the bus as soon as she starts school so I bet she will have her full of it. And if she does take after me she will enjoy every min of public transport. What I even miss the pushing to get inside the Mumbai locals. So much fun. 😀

  8. I love the way Buzz does everything in her capacity to let everyone know what she wants 😛 😛
    That’s an achiever in the making 😀 😀
    {{{{hugs}}}} little fairy 😛

    1. I am in a constant whine state of mind these days Smarty. D being the smart one has figured out it is better to stop me at the first whine than to let me go on. 😐

      I did catch up on my sleep 😀

  9. ha ha ha….But I too love bus journeys… 🙂

    Why dont u take her once in a week, in the bus ???? She’ll also feel happy and might look forward to that ride !!! 🙂 🙂

    1. I do too. 😀

      Bus take a long time to get home and Buzz is super hungry when she step inside. If I were to take her by bus, I would have a very cranky kid in my hands.

      I don’t mind D taking her because that I way I can still get home on time and cook for her.

  10. You are absolutely right there buzzie baby… Even I had this fascination of travelling by bus when I was a kid…
    Continue the fight, I’ am sure comfy mommy would give in to your demand sometime soon… 😀

  11. LOL!!! Dads are all the fun while moms take the brunt of , well being not-so-fun 😛

    Yeah..yeah..I see Paapu turning into a paapa’s girl already..steadily 😉

    No sleep and work next day is a B with a ITCH. Hope you got good sleep laster in the week Comfy.

    How was Friday Bus ride? You should join them too some way 😀

    1. You know you should patent ‘B with a ITCH’. Total lol.

      Dads are more fun no doubt about it since they don’t have to worry about cooking and feeding and all the 1000s of things I have on my mind.

      It was raining like crazy. Friday bus ride was a no go. 😀

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