Dear Buzz,

How did you know that I had a super bad night? I was up almost all of it because something was bothering you. When it was time for you to get up in the morning, I was too drained so your Paa brought you in bed with us. In my sleep I felt your little hands touch my face as you drank your milk. My eye lids fluttered with a kiss you gave me. The soft ‘I lub oo’ that you said for the first time gave me the energy to get up for the day. How did you know I needed those words so much, sweetheart?

How did you know that I was having a crappy day? When I came by to pick you up from daycare, you took one look at me and came running. Gave me big smile before you hugged me and did not let go. You who is off running and playing with all the toys, as if you won’t see them ever again and want to play with them one last time, the minute you see me. The same you just held on, not letting me go. How did you know I needed that hug so bad, little one?

Most time people say, parents have an antenna when the child needs them. But I think you have developed a very special sensing system of you own. And I can’t be thankful enough. Stay the same you always.

Love you loads,


42 thoughts on “How?

  1. Buzzz is buzzzinggggg and wow she knows when mummy dear is sad I guess kids know it . Telepathy
    Ah ha bless her beautiful god bless her and may she bring all this hapiness always every time.

      1. This sensing system is very new. We will not over test it. As Miss Rays reminded me, there was a time not so long back when I blogged about Buzz making life hell when I was already in the dumps.

        Fingers crossed and all that. 🙂

    1. I think the credit for this goes to other kids in her daycare class who are older to her and do these things to their parents. But I am not complaining. 😀

  2. aww..this is such a beautiful post, Comfy…I was able to visualize this in my mind’s eye…and it was refreshing as a reader..I can imagine how healing it would have been for you..hope you both take turns in being each others “antennas” whenever it is required in your lives!!!

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