I was at the grocery store when I spied Mangoes. Here I should digress and tell you that I heart mangoes. Heart, heart, heart. And come summer am seem bemoaning the fact that we don’t get mangoes or at least nice sweet ones here. So anyways, I spied them and quickly made my way to them, all the while praying that they were somewhat good. I picked one up.

Touch test – hmm, not like a rock and not pure pulp.
Smell test – aah, they smelled like mangoes and not odorless like what I get most times.

After which I very carefully selected mangoes replacing the hard and odorless ones from my pack and adding the ones that held the most promise to make up my crate of 9. With a lot of anticipation and a huge smile on my face, I stepped inside the house. D took one look at the mangoes and said, ‘Here we go again. You know they are never good, don’t you?’. I shrugged and walked on.

Left them out, untouched, in the kitchen for a couple of days. After which I picked one up, and it seemed perfect. Mango was cut in to slices, front and back and sides and the best part ‘the guthally’ or the core.  Taste test – YUM!

Buzz is a very fruit person. Which means she can live on fruits alone. So I was super excited to introduce her to my fav. fruit. I cut one slice in to bite size pieces in a bowl, placed it on the table and made Buzz sit on the chair. I sat next to her with the rest of the mango. Buzz took her first tentative bite and was hooked. We both sat side by side, eating till Buzz got done with hers. She asked for more. I looked down at my plate and all I saw was my best part. With a sigh, a little crack in my heart, I taught her how to get the pulp off of the core. She picked it up like a pro and all the pulp was gone in no time.

Next day was the same story. The only difference being that Buzz finished her portion way faster and asked for more and more portion of MY mango. Cut to now where we are both seen gobbling down the mango as quickly as we can, to get the most share. And (insert cry, cry here) no matter what I do, I am not allowed to take even a single bite of the core. She has claimed it as hers and is not willing to part with it.

What do they say, ‘Sheer ke munh khun lag gaya’. So yeah, ‘Buzz ke munh aam lag gaya’ and now I can never have my mangoes in peace. What was I thinking again?


54 thoughts on “Competition

  1. Lol!! solid competition Comfy :). Like how in India people compete for Jobs, there, you are competing for Mangoes. Plan a trip to India when the peak season of Mangoes is around and have plenty of them until you and Buzz get satisfied and live for the entire next year without missing it much.
    Smile on my face 🙂

    1. ooooh mangoessssssssssss you had to mention that .. now where do i get me some .. they havenot come to uk yetttttttttttt and when they come they r like i got to take a BANK loan to buy one..

      and buzzzzzzz sherni ki muh ko mangoe lag gaya hai ab to aapko kuch nahin milna.. he hehehe 🙂

      oooh the time of sucking a mangoe, and mangoe shakes.. yummyyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. LOL @ the sweet competition you have!! 😀
    Mangoes…. I just love them!!

    Just wanted to share this…. One of my friend’s father… he loves mangoes but he prefers to eat it while standing near the washbasin!! 😀 😐

  3. ha ha ha….it happens Comfy, I really feel for u….I understand that – totally. 😉

    I always buy two shares – one for me and the other for the others… 😉 Mango is my fav na….has it come there already….we are yet to get it…..

    1. Nuttie dear let me tell you a kahawat. It goes as, ‘Bakree ke maa kab tak khair manaayegi, bakree ko to eak din katna he hei’.

      You turn will come my dear. Just wait for it. 👿

    1. Are you not supposed to be my friend? Go Buzz go to her. Eat all her Mangoes and the rest of her food she loves so much, then we will see her talk. 😛 😛

  4. OHHH.. You’re getting good mangoes??? i LOVE mangoes and always grieve the fact that we don’t get good ones here. We were once in NY at my cousin’s place and she laid out mangoes while I was asleep upstairs. Mint told me about it only after we left their place. I was so angry, I refused to talk to him for hours. Him eating mangoes without me was the worst form of betrayal. Absolutely unforgivable in my books.

    Oh, please tell me I’ll get good mangoes here in Cali soon! The thought has gotten me so excited! 😀

    1. Mint did that? 😮

      I hope you get them too. Let me give you a tip – if they look somewhat nice, buy a few and then keep them outside in a non-cold places for a couple of days. They are not as great as India but keep me happy. 🙂

  5. I can almost smell through your post those delightful, ripe and juicy Mangoes…. Rightly its the King of all fruits :)isn’t comfy?

    When do we get to taste here in India 😦 I cant wait…

  6. absolutely agree with some of the posters..delicious post…i could smell..taste and long for the mangoes myself…and a “little” competition never hurts!!!

    Ask Katrina who comes in those ads for the mango drink in India!!

  7. I love summers for two reasons: mangoes, vacation! Good the competition has arrived.. Will be introducing the king of fruits to my little one this time and looks like a similar fate awaits!

  8. Wow… so many mango lovers here.. Then I guess I am the odd one out.. I run away from them.. Dont even look at them when they arrive in the market. For me they dont exist on this planet. Cant ever eat them even to save my life.. :-))
    For me its litchis, litchis and more litchis.. Can simply gorge on them forever..

  9. I bought mangoes yesterday. More than the craving I had for them, I bought them because they reminded me of Buzz. And while I was having it last night, I couldn’t stop wishing that Buzz were nearby so I can share it with her (ok fine, you are welcome to join us too). Please send her to me and I will give her all the mangoes she wants. Pretty pls 😀

    (no, I won’t stop asking you to send over Buzz here for a while until you actually do it.)

    1. T you have to make a trip here, you know that right. Let’s fix a time and you get over your fear of flying and come on over.

      Or are you still on for the year end India trip? 😀

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