Singing Saturday – Sabse peeche hum

– I have a weakness for the male voice when it comes to songs. If a song is sung both by a male and a female 99% of the times I like the male version better.
– I have a weakness for soft, soothing music. That is not to say I don’t like dhinchaak music. I love turning on the volume and tapping my foot along with it. But in my ‘at peace with myself’ time I always tend to gravitate to the soft, soothing kind.
– I have a weakness for songs with pure voice, where musical instruments and beats don’t overpower the soulful voice.

‘Sabse peeche hum’ checks all these boxes for me. Mohit Chauhan’s voice. A guitar, a harmonica and few notes on the piano once in a while. Beautiful.

Terri aankhoin kaa jaado saari duniya pe hei.


22 thoughts on “Singing Saturday – Sabse peeche hum

  1. I too like a voice that sings the rustic voice. Maybe a coupke of instruments not a whole band which spoils the voice. I remembee is chandigarh pinjore gardens a old poor guy wud have a flute and he sang too the rustic authentic voice he jad his own songs simply awesome he was.

    Nice song thiugh.

  2. I always love the male version of the song, if sung by md rafi….he he he…an all time fav for me… 🙂

    Me too have never heard of this song….oops….but now I like it…. 🙂

  3. Same hereee.. I always prefer the male version. For example, I always listen to the male version of ‘Iktara’ from Wake up Sid, instead of the more popular female version.. 😀

    Thanks for introducing me to this lovely song. Slow hindi music is my fav..

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