Take that

Last night Buzz and I went to D’s office building to pick him up. He was in a meeting which was taking a its own time to get over. We had no choice but to wait, so waited we did.

Buzz called out..

Me paas Papa aajao

..every minute or so.

15 mins or so later D came running, got in to the car, smiled at Buzz but got no reaction from her (she had taken one of her shoe off and was busy playing with it). D made a long face and said..

She is not even happy to see me.

No, no. She kept saying, ‘Me paas Papa aajao’, till she saw you coming.

She said all that? (Turns to her) Buzz phir se bolo, kya bol rahe thy?

Buzz looked up and promptly handed her shoe to him.

Take that Papa. This is what you get for making us wait for so long. 😀


46 thoughts on “Take that

  1. There, she has learnt to take offence! A woman is made! *heaves a sigh of relief* I’ve done well with her. I’ve taught her well 😀

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