Please stand up

All you people who liked ‘Dabangg’ can you please stand up. I have a few questions to ask.

What was so great about that movie? Seriously am I missing something? Out of shape, stiff as a board Salman Khan trying to do Matt Damon Bourne like stunts and horror of horrors Keanu Reeves Neo style slow-mo backward bend. The guy seems to be having trouble just moving, why make him jump around. To top it off ‘Hum tumme itne ched kardenge..yada yada yada’.

My first movie to watch for the year and I picked Dabangg. I watched only 3 movies last year and if that continues for 2011, it would mean I wasted one on this one? I want to go cry somewhere, after I rant and rave about all the amazing reviews about this movie. I should have listened to D. He did ask me a couple of times, ‘You want to watch a Salman Khan movie?’

Done, back to Salman Khan ban.

hmph.. 😐


40 thoughts on “Please stand up

  1. Hi Comfy. Even I wonder what made this movie such a hit. When I saw this movie, there was nothing which I could keep in mind and cherish for a long time except the music, some songs are really good. Take care.

  2. 😦 I stood up and then sat down peer pressure se 😦

    I liked Dabangg – will you still like me?? 🙂 I actually also laughed at his jokes & when he would stop everything to dance on the cell phone ringtone hehe okay I think I should leave now 😦

    1. Yes yes, I still like you. I guess, I watch so few movies that I have great expectations from the ones I do watch. Which is where Dabangg let me down. 😐

    1. Next time I will remember how much I don’t enjoy his movies.

      This was first movie of his I saw after ages. Last one I think was Hum Saath Saath Hein.

  3. Areeeew that was the whole idea no sense no meaning that mase it funny and also the fact that we were 5 or 6 in the whole hall to watch it yayyyyyyyyy

    And we whistled imagine in a uk hall yayyyyy now please dont hate me he he he

    It was a nothing film

  4. Ha ha…that was exactly my husband’s response when we saw this movie on a DVD. To think of it that its such a big hit in India and regional versions are on their way. I am so surprised that Sonakshi won so many awards…nothing bad about her performance, but at the same time it wasnt outstanding either.

    1. Sonakshi had no role at all and you could count on your fingers the number of times she opened her mouth.

      Awards are for best newcomer, which I guess I can give to her 🙂

  5. Oh poor you ! 😉

    I am utmost careful choosing to ‘waste’ my time like that. Watched it on the laptop from some free link. I could just cringe and walk away when a stiff-like-cardboard ( apt words, BTW!) salman scene came on.

    I liked the catchy songs and sonakshi though.

    Better luck choosing the next one comfy 🙂

    1. I need to figure out this free link thing on the internet.

      Oh I had better luck already. Saw Band Baja Barat. No great shakes, but was entertaining 🙂

  6. ummm…i thought it was ok…was surprised with the biggest hit and the sonakshi doing so well business

    But comfy i think such movies need to be watched in an indian movie hall…it’s the atmosphere i tell u 😛

    p.s. now i shall sit down 😛

    1. hmm..maybe that is what I was missing. Remember all the good times with friends watching movies with friends..good times 🙂

      Please do 😀

  7. Will I give you links of nice Tamil movies with subtitles? The last one you saw because of me was good, no? I can suggest more! Nice nice ones!

  8. No story, no sense, no message in the end and one sizzling item number and the movies is hit…. Unfortunately this is how it works….

    But did you say you just watched 3 movies last year… 😯

    1. Yupe. Only 3 😐

      But for when I was in college have never really watched a lot of movies. With Buzz and work and home I am have so little time that I rather read a book when I have some time than sit in front of a TV.

      But 3 is too less, I have to agree. 😐

  9. I have not watched Dabang(dont even know whats the correct spelling).. Have no intentions to watch it either.. the promos itself were quite put off.. Looks like sheer torture..

  10. I liked it! Im sorry but with the amount of stress i take everyday, the nonsense made sense… I had zero expectations from it so if it managed to make me smile and get my mind off the works, then it was worth it 😀
    Please dont hate me 🙂

    1. Oh I understand. For me, I watch so few movies that I have too many expectations when I do watch them 🙂

      Of course I don’t hate you 🙂

  11. Ha ha I am a follower of the Salman Khan ban revolution. 😀
    I haven’t watched Dabang and don’t intend to either. Ever. I have no clue what’s great about that movie. Call me prejudiced but I am happy being that way.

  12. How could neone not like dabang! The (awesomely) stupid jokes, the (comic) actions, the dance moves and dialogues that only Sallu can pull off.. I am not ashamed to say, it was I loved every single bit of it! including the jokes 😀

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