Songs to sing

Buzz style.

Comfy: LMNOP

Buzz: Old McDonald had a phone..
Comfy: Farm.
Buzz: Phone EE YA EE YA O (in slow motion)

Buzz: 5 montey jumping bed. Montey aaaoovviii.
Comfy: Sigh!

Buzz: Happy you know did.
Comfy: Whatever.


26 thoughts on “Songs to sing

    1. Okay Comfy, you’ve gotten me addicted to the Old MacDonald song now. I’ve been playing it repeatedly since the time you put up this post. If I continue at this rate, Mint is going to kick me out of the house..

    2. She actually thinks they sing ‘Had a phone’. She knows what a phone is and has no clue about a farm. So ‘had a phone’ it is 😀

  1. I want buzzzz to teach me english she is a good teacher next time baba boack sheep please….
    And yes high time old mcdonald used a phone way to go little one

  2. ha ha ha ….Mac Donald had a phone ???? So sweet !!! 🙂 🙂

    Love those childish babyish talks and songs…. 🙂 🙂

    Why dont u put up an audio of Buzz singing ????

    Sorry, I didnt realize u had changed ur url…was wondering for some time !!!

  3. Wow! I am simply loving playing these evergreen delights over and over again 😛
    Buzz always has the most cute versions of everything 😆 😆

    1. She knows a phone because Nana Nani talk to her on one. Easy enough right 😀

      If you are happy and you know = Happy you know did

  4. Buzz understands that a phone is of more use, farm is of no use!! ha ha! Very cute! 1,3,5 are Varun’s fav too and of course, sings it his isshtyle!

  5. Excuse me? She’s singing correctly only no? What’s your problem really? 🙄 Pah! Parents these days! 😛

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