Blame game

Every time Buzz does something that gets me mad, I turn to D and tell him:

Tum pe gayi hei!*

After all he claimed so himself and it is a matter of who points the finger first. Yes yes, I am always first in that. And since there is no way he can prove me wrong, he mumbles and moves on.

We were out on an aimless road trip the weekend before last. Got to a small town and decided to take a break, stretch our legs, get something to eat. As we parked the car, there was this horse with a carriage to take a ride on and Buzz being a big fan of animals (at least in books and on TV) I thought I would let her see a real life horse. But as we walked closer, Buzz started screaming:

No horse, no mumma horse nahein.

As I picked her up and she clung to me with her face in my neck, D promptly tells me:

Tum pe gayi hei!

 Since with everything he does she can’t have taken after him, I am left with no argument.

Buzz sweetheart your Maa’s naak is in your hands. Please don’t katwaao it.

*She takes after you!


28 thoughts on “Blame game

  1. Awww… buzzie baby you better stay away from horses… they are very bad n i hate them….
    Comfy for the horse thing atleast i’m sure you must have been the same during your childhood. 😀

  2. Ohho cutie pie! Issok. Horsie can be made friends with later. You only need to jump off somewhere with your Paa once. ALL your fears will be gone then 😀

    Ps: comfy, it’s good in a way that she’s scared of something. At least she won’t make fun of your fears ganging up with Paa 😉

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