From one generation to the next

The story goes, there once was a 3 year old boy. He would not eat anything. Not one thing, no matter how many things his mom tried. Milk was the only thing he lived on. Such strong love.

One day dad came home with the news that he got posted to another town and they were to move within the month. As mom worked on cleaning and packing up things, getting ready to move, she came upon an idea to get the boy to eat. She told the boy,

If you don’t eat, they won’t let us take you with us. You will stay here.

Will you go Maa?

Yes, I will.

Will Papa also go?

Yes, he will.

Will you take the little sister?

Yes, she get to go as well.

If I start eating, can I go too?

Yes, they will let you come along.

The poor boy scared of being left behind because of the mysterious ‘they’ starts eating. One roti with sabzi for each meal. Mom is relieved that her son is getting a little more nourishment.

Move day comes, everything is packed up in a truck and then the family makes their way to the bus stop. Few hours of travel and they get to their destination. Another few minutes by rickshaw and they arrive at their friend’s place, where they would be staying a few days till the house in set up.

Come dinner time, mom asks the son to come have his meal. The boy refuses,

Now that we are here, I don’t have to eat. I want only milk.


Days goes by, but the milk vs. food struggle continues. The boy starts school. Every afternoon as his mom walks him back from school, he stops right in the middle of the huge community park in front of the house and starts screaming,

Haaye mujhe bookh lagi hei. Mujhe dudu ke bookh lagi hei.

..much to the laughs of everyone in the community. And he keeps at it till he gets his glass of milk soon after he steps inside the house.


A couple of years pass. The boy finally, in the year past, has started to eat without a fight.

One evening the dad comes home. As is the norm, Mom hands him a glass of milk to drink after he has washed his hands. The little sister, now a toddler, comes running and sits on her dad’s lap. Looks at the glass of milk,

Papa aap jab ghar aate ho na, to Maa aap to pura glass bhar ke dudh deti hein. Mujhe itna kam deti hein (holding her index finger a little way away from her thumb)

Yeah lo beta, tum mera dudh pe lo.

Nahein papa, aap maa ko kehdo mujhe bhi glass bhar ke dudh diya karein.

Dad calls out to Mom and asks her why the girl gets 3/4 th glass of milk instead of a glass full?

Pucho is se ki yeah kitni baar dudh peeti hei din mein,

comes the reply.

Beta, aap kitni baar dudh pete ho?

Papa jab mein subah uthti huin to tab eak glass. Phir dupehar ko uthne ke baad eak glass. Phir shaam ko eak glass. Aur phir sone se pehle eak baar. Bas.

Mom smiles an angelic smiles and says,

Agar aur dudh pilana hei to ghar ke baahar eak gaayein bandh lo.


Many many many years pass. The little girl now has a little girl of her own. Every time food is place in front of her, screams of..

No mumma, no khanna.

..are heard, as she pretends that she is not hungry. A minute later the same little thing makes demand for milk and guzzles down 8 ounces of milk without any breaks.


A cry breaks the silence of the night. Maa opens her eyes and notes it is 4:15 in the morning.

Mumma dudu,

comes the cry. Maa knows she is hungry, what with no dinner the night before. In her frustration, she tells the little one,

No khanna, no dudu.

This is greeted by silence.

Mumma, no nini.

Mumma, diaper change.

And so many things are tried. The end result is she is out of her crib, has her milk in her hand, is running around the house and Maa is utterly exhausted.


This milk obsession is going to be the death of Maa. And the worse is she can’t even complain to her own Maa, because all she gets is big smiles from the other end. Sigh!


38 thoughts on “From one generation to the next

  1. I totally agree with T 😛
    Your mum would definitely know 😀 😀
    Try giving her recipes with milk in visible form to help her develop liking for it. Make the yogurt go runny (milk like in appearance)with some fruits and all 😛
    I hope buzz soon starts loving her food as much as milk 😀 😀

    1. She would eat just fine till a month or so back CB, so it is not like she does not know the taste of various foods.

      She has been saying ‘no’ to all food types recently which is driving me nuts 😐

  2. Ahh! MILK is still my favorite. Can’t beat anything….

    Thank God, at this age she is so fond of Milk which generally kids don’t.

    Have enough milk @ Home!!!
    Keep feeding.

  3. Consider your self lucky comfy… Buzzie baby is such an angel… She drinks milk without any tantrums…. My mom had to always run after me with a glass of milk… I still hate milk but she has stopped saying anything now 😀

  4. Wow! that’s some quality to seep through generations 😀
    I for one was someone whose glasses of milk would mysteriously slip from the hand and fall on the bed/floor/table. Never liked it! 😀

  5. he he hee NOw is someone going to think of having a GAIYAAN in the backyard of the house ..

    Hey maybe you can try some cerals in the Dudhu that way get her to eat foood.. I am sure you get all those lovely food for kids these days in a poorie form …

    I rmemeber when my sis had come to visit me her kids were like that and we got so many of those they ate happily ..

    But I a msure when Buzz is really hungry she will be fine .. watch the COWGATES ad on youtube i had put on my blog .. you will smile …


        1. It is more of ‘I want to do everything on my own’ (so it is all Akka’s fault 😛 ) but the food does not come in the spoon and if it does it does not stay in the spoon as we move the spoon from the plate to the mouth. Then we get frustrated and throw things around and scream ‘No khana’

          1. Akka’s fault – my foot! You aren’t feeding my baby properly. Or you are making yucky yucky food that she doesn’t like. And you blame it on us growing up. Meanie Maa!

            And woman, when will you learn our spellings properly, it’s A-K-H-A-A! Not Akka!

            And ask her not to take after T when it comes to eating. She should take after me or Divz!

            1. She is being independent like Akka (how many times do I have to tell you we are on to Akka now. You need to keep up and not get stuck in the past), what is wrong about that?

              If only she tries the food out and then says ‘no’, I would consider it my fault.

  6. how adorable…i am sure the tide will turn soon…

    suggestion – add dry fruits and nuts into the milk…with some strawberry syrup…or chocolate syrup….or Complan..the complete planned food:)..

      1. It will dear, there was a time when R only ate pancakes all day and I was beginning to freak out and before I knew it she had moved on to some new phase of “how to make mommy go slowly mad”

  7. My daughter is exactly like this, she survive mainly on milk, She lost all baby fat in her and looks so skinny. She wouldn’t allow us to feed her, she eats just what she feed herself..I complain to my mom and she says I was just like this and my mom used to feed me milk after I sleep at the age of 14, How can I blame my daughter for being such a poor eater. Her dad’s story is even worse. We getting paid for our own Karma..

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