Brilliant Business Idea

Week before last saw me reading quite a few cards as friends showed me what they bought. This Monday saw me reading a few more, as they showed off what they got. Over time I have come to realize that I am a card snob. There are very very few cards that I really like. For the rest, I just kind of make do with whatever is in the store. As I scrunched my nose (mentallyof course), I got thinking. I read a lot (of blogs) on a daily basis and love so much of what I read. Between us, we cover all the various emotions. So why not start a card business. We have such good writing and there are so many creative people. We can write something funny, something thoughtful, something mad, something mushy. We will be a hit, I tell you and will mint (not yours Pepper. That one won’t multiply unless you do something about it) so much money from everyday things we write anyways. 

So what say blog people?

Bloggers of the world unite, have nothing to lose but their debts.

Don’t sue me Karl Marx.

Once the idea took place, I went and did some research (in all the years I have worked, I have come to realize that you have to show a working prototype to convince people. SIGH!! People don’t see brilliance right in front of them, till they see visual proof) and came up with some card categories curtsy our blogger friends.

What is a card company without a Birthday Card? But if the card is funny and happy and edible to boot, who can resist it? Miss Smart Ass calls herself a smartass for a reason after all.


A ‘Miss You’ card is of no use if it does not make the recipient of the card not yearn to head back. Who better to make anyone feel ‘the angst of missing a loved one and painting the picture of joy of having you around’ than our very own T?

Then there is the quintessential I-am-so-in-love-marry-me! section in every store. Have you ever noticed how boring they are? Would a girl ever fall for crap like that? So a card by our resident expert in asking the tough questions, a girl’s point of view on how to propose, Rev.

LOVE. Four letter word. Over used like none other, especially in the week past. We seriously need people to write about it without making all of us diabetic. Enter Miss Rays. Love and all the perfect words that go with it, per jara hut ke.

Now a card store just HAS to cater to all the various holidays. How else would they make money? Can you seriously think of anyone better to get in to the spirit of things better than our witchy, madcap, make them laugh till they drop, Sakshi? Come come have a look. This one has Halloween written all over it.

Sorrow, sadness, hurt – the flip side of life. None of us can outrun this. Hope is what makes us carry on through all the black times. Can you find better words to give the much-needed encouragement than the ones, the ever thoughtful, Dew came up with?

Welcoming people back with cards and gifts is common, but a simple ‘you were missed’ is just so blah. Spicing it up and still being honest about it, is Happy Feet. Perfect is the word.

There is so much hoopla about the New Year. So much money gets spent. So many cards bought and sold. But someone has to give it as it is and still make you look forward to it all. Steps in the Nut. Asks the questions that need to be asked and still wishes you happy.

Ever card store needs to have their mark, their own special something. Pepper comes up with that special tadka. ‘Special offer’ cards for all occasions and no occasions at all. Earn point and redeem them as you go. A better offer you will not find. And oh what a way to spice up your otherwise boring life.

There are always things we are thankful about in life. But sometimes we all need a reminder of the little things, when we are down and out. Scribbler gives her special touch to make you count your blessings and smile as you go. A perfect gift for someone, who needs to look beyond the clouds and see the sunshine.

Aah..and how can we not have a card store without a section for Hindi cards. Whispering Moonz enters ever so gracefully with her thoughtful and amazing words. Who can help not be moved by them.

And the good news is that this is not the end. There is a need for that perfect picture to go behind all the words written. Enter Wordless Wednesdays (Swaram, T, Bikram, Smitha, Uma). And what is a card store without e-cards. And what are e-cards without some amazing graphics, Tanishka are you listening?

If you think this is it. Let me tell you the grand expansion plans. Once we have this part of the business going, we can start of a food cafe in the store corner. We have so many amazing cooks in the blog world after all. Uma with her South India food, Sags with her kheer, Pal with her quick to make train dosa, CB with her amazing cakes.

We can rule the world people. Brilliant am I not? So what say, let’s get on with it. But before we do, come on tell me what do we name our business?


60 thoughts on “Brilliant Business Idea

      1. What is with all of you, do you know how much work that is. Card is easy work with a lot of money..

        Go go talk to all the people who will do all the cooking 😀 😀

    1. pahh you and swar trying to mint your share of the money first na? 😡 Let people buy our cards first and then eat your goodies coz am sure once they gobble up ur food they will be too lazy to move their butts to look at our cards 😥

  1. so today I’m not wondering why you were missing all this while cause this ‘come back’ is a bang 🙂

    I could not have imagined those pointers could look so beautifully impressive on that post card…thanks for including them Comfy 🙂 Love you for that!

    Ah the idea ? Rocking Idea by a rock star 🙂 🙂 Does it say what I’m feeling ? 🙂

    Name of the business? Feeling Cards [like we call greeting cards?] 🙂

    Lame I know but that’s what I could think right now 🙂

  2. 🙂
    You are back! 🙂
    Nice job with all those cards! That is a brilliant idea. In fact, why don’t you try customized cards? Hear someone’s story out and make a card to say it the way he/she wants to!
    Oh and the Food Cafe idea toh has got to be done. Before the cards? 😀

  3. COMFY…YOU ARE BACK…and what a fab thought..all there to stand at the back and get you the cold coffee when you get tired 🙂

    lots of love to Buzz and happy new year !!

  4. woww So this was it…!! I am lovingg it..

    Fab idea comfyy… i’m with you on this 😉

    Lets do it…!!! we’l be a hit 😀

  5. Hi Comfy…glad you are back. I missed Buzz and her updates. I am commenting here without reading any of the posts. I am right now in the office, so will read your posts after going home. Loads of hugs and kisses to Buzz…

  6. Hello there! and welcome back 🙂
    Awesome idea indeed, I love the words on the cards and the way the whole things looks.

    Get going already!

    A name? Mmmmmm… will come with that in a while 🙂

  7. Yay!!! you are back you are back. you just switched blogs and here i had different ideas on why u went private 😀

    This is a fantastic idea…!!! I hope u are serious…!

    Name…lemme think

    and yay u are back as is the lill angel!

    1. Did I not tell you it was not what you were thinking?? 🙂

      Thanks Sweetheart. Yes yes, I am serious. You go write write.. I will put them together 😛 😛

  8. welcome back:)
    and what a IDEA madam ji.. you can appoint me the cashier or accountant or treasurer of the business I will make sure to keep my eyes on the money all earn PROMISE .. sachi 🙂

    but good idea

    1. Sir..errr Count Bratula, what job exactly are you applying for?

      1.To drink the blood of all the creative people who will write? (no hire – who will write then?)
      2. To suck the blood of all our customers? ( thanks, who will buy our cards then?)
      3. Night man duty? (You are hired, with the promise that you only go after rodents in the store, not humans)

      😀 😀

        1. We are a fledgeling business, who have yet to open our wings, let alone fly and you want dental insurance. Do you know how expensive that is 😯

          Out out..

          Psst..we can take you in for the spoofy n spooky..BUT we need samples before we even let you close to the door.

  9. Ha ha I am already sold on Revs, Smarty’s, Divz and Pepper’s cards.

    Comfy I love the texture you gave to the photo for Scribby’s card…bootifool!

    Ok am in for the business but before signing the contract let me tell you my one and wonly condition.

    As you already know that it takes me at least one year to come up with a paragraph, I suggest that I will take care of Buzz while all of you are working your ass off. 😛

    Btw how abt the name BUZZ Stop for the store? 🙄

    1. Thank You from all of the people you named 🙂

      You will take care of Buzz? Sold, the job is yours, all yours.

      {{runs away as the rest of them fight for that job}}

        1. Perfect! I don’t mind the cooking and you can do the feeding. Get the not so little tyke along.

          We will kill divide (the work) and conquer (the brats). After all we have to learn something from our rich history, right?

  10. so this is the secret post! but you nailed it there, comfy! we DO cover all of the emotions between us!! love love the illustrations, especially the happy new year card! next time I go to archies, i’m going to feel so mug(like we already started the company and sold a million cards!)

    and i rofled at er, mint multiplying 😀 what eez pepper saying? 😀

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