This time, right now

Dear Buzz,

‘She is so much fun these days’, your Paa turned to me and said. I smiled, big. This one sentence gets repeated so many time a week, that I can’t even keep count. But then it is the truth, you have become a lot of fun. Everyday things have been colored in your flavor. Your commentary added to everything you see and how you see them.

As you learn your shapes, you see them all around you. The doors and windows and table and laptop are all rectangles. The TV and fireplace are square. Traffic signal lights and balloons and bulb holders are circles. As you sit in the car and call out, ‘Triangle’, I look around and can’t spot one. I turn around and ask you, ‘Kahaan hei baby, triangle’? You point to the direction arrow, the head of which looks like a triangle, take my question as, ‘Kahaan hei, baby triangle’ and respond with ‘Baby triangle’, followed by pointing to the bigger direction arrow across the road and say, ‘Mumma triangle’.

As you figure out your numbers, you call them out everywhere you go. From grocery store aisle numbers, to street numbers, to the pages of the books I read, to channel number on TV, to T-shirts of the basket ball players, to bus numbers. As I stop at the traffic signal you know there is a ticker on the right, which shows the temperature in degree C, degree F and the time.  You wait for it every day. And the minute we stop there, you start off, ‘6, 4, 2, 9, oval*, 5’. And with that I have my temperature and time check without having to look for them.

As you start to distinguish between your colors, you call out red and green for all the traffic signals. You tell us the colors of all that cars we pass by. You say the color as I dress you us. You scream the colors of the billboards everywhere we go.

As you make animals your favorite, you distinguish between a cheetah, a tiger and a puma. You correctly say monkey, gorilla, chimpanzee and orangutans as we look at them in your book. You ask to see pictures of panda, brown bear, polar bear, koala. You know your parrots from macaws and toucans.

As you go from home to daycare, you switch your language without a stop. There are so many times the words you speak in English catches me by surprise. The way, when you talk to your teacher you say, ‘heart’ and then you turn to talk to me and say, ‘dil’. The way, at home you say, ‘Mumma potty’ and at daycare you say, ‘poo poo’. 

You even make boring thing like going grocery shopping fun. As we walk down the store, you point to every fruit and vegetable. You smile at every bueberry, every onange, ever stabaeya, every banana that I put in the cart. You clap at all the milk I place in. You cry out in horror when I pass by brocoli and not place it in the cart. When you see plain yoghurt and call it ‘dahi’ and next see flavoured yoghurt and call it ‘gogurt’, I can’t help smile.

You point out to the moon every day as we make our way home at night. Then one day you say, ‘Mumma crescent’, and for a minute all I feel is amazement. Yes you have seen crescent moon around 4229872 times (if not more) in books, but that you made the connection and correctly at that, for the first time makes me swell up with pride.

You laugh at silly silly things. You are happy when you learn to jump for the first time, with both your feet in the air. You pull your Paa and me up to play with you. You do a little dance as your Paa sings, ‘Oh Buzz nahaai nahaai’. You get upset when your hair falls in front of your eyes and scream, ‘no baal’. You ask for Pasha** the minute you get in the car and keep at it till you are sure that I am making it for dinner. You and I build buildings with your blocks and the minute all the pieces are done, you call out, ‘clean up’ and start to break up the building and place the blocks in their bag. You watch ‘Iron man’ with your Paa and then remember him at odd hours. ‘Iron man dishoom’, you scream as you run around the house. So many little little things, so many reasons to smile every day.

You make every day special for us, sweetheart. You brighten even the days that are gray. You make us feel. You make us go on. Now looking back, we can’t imagine a life before you. You have colored our world with you and we love you for that. So stay healthy, stay happy, stay you, always.

Loads of love,

*Oval is your zero for now
** Spinach and cheese ravioli, pasta for you


6 thoughts on “This time, right now

  1. Buzz reminds me so much of my son, maybe coz I think they will be similar in age, reading this makes more sense as I am seeing it in my own home..they do become more fun each day!! Have many more such happy days!

  2. ** – That’s Akhaa’s favourite also.

    There’s one thing about this post that left a BIG SMILE on my face. Yes, apart from the fact that I knew every single thing that was mentioned in this post, already. But there was something that left a HUUUUGGGEEEE smile on my face. Go on and guess and tell me 🙂

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