You all know how these things go, right? Someone puts a video on Facebook, someone likes it, someone comments on it, someone reposts it, and so the fire spreads.

Yeah so, a video made it to the Comfy household. Which one you ask? Maa is not exactly sure, but she thinks it was the last action sequence from the movie Robot. Why does she think it was from Robot:

1. Because it had, as Rev Akka calls her, Plastic face.
2. Well there was an even more *stretched beyond recognition plastic faced*, Rajnikanth. Maa is still not sure, but she does think it was him.

Getting back to the video, Paa made Maa sit down and said, ‘You have to watch it’. So as Maa sat with us on her lap, Paa handed the laptop over to her and started the video. What followed was an army of clones take various shapes and forms, destroying everything that came in its path. So much fun. Till it took down a helicacker. As the poor mangled helicacher fell to the ground, we cried out,

Helicacker aaaooooovvvviiii!

This was a couple of weeks back, but the simple fact that helicacker got an aaaooovvviiii upset us like no other. Every time we see a helicacker, we remember the aaaoooovvvviiii all the plastic, robot, clone, computer animation, whatever gave our helicacker. And we continue to scream,

Helicacker aaaoooovvvvviiii!

at random times and give Paa pain because every time we say that, Maa gives Paa a dirty look and says, ‘You had to show that video to me right then. You could not wait till she was in bed? What was special about it anyways?’. Paa looks away sheepishly as he mumbles, ‘It was impressive technology in an Indian movie’.

But for the us the fun part now is that Paa has taken to showing us different helicackers and telling us, ‘Dekh helicopter theek hei. Helicopter, no aovi’. We love our helicackers and love watching them, so we don’t think we are stopping any time soon. :mrgreen:


2 thoughts on “Aaaoooovvvviiii

  1. hahahaha 😀 (i’ll forgive you for calling rajni plastic face, ‘coz you have the most amazing baby)

    i understood the meaning, but what does “aaaaooovi” stand for?

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