Ice, she shouted..

Any time a kid at daycare gets hurt, ice (actually cold teethers, but they call them ice) is applied at the injured area. In some cases it is useful, but in most it is just a way for the teachers to soothe the kids. A way to say, we know you are hurt and we are doing something about elevating the hurt.

I was picking Buzz up from the daycare one evening. She wanted to play some more, so she ran away. But in her hurry to get away from me, bumped into a wall. No no..let me clarify. Her hand happened to graze the wall. She went running to her teacher.


she said. I firmly told her,

You are not hurt. You don’t need ice.

Her teacher put forth a question,

Does she ask for Ice at home as well?

I had to laugh and reply,

Oh, all the time. At every perceived injury.

Her teacher smiles and relayed,

They all do that here. If someone gets hurt, all of them come running asking for ice for the child who is hurt. Once that is done, they all want ice for themselves. When refused, they all keep falling or pretending to bang against things. It takes good 10 mins before calls for ice die down.


When at home, if Buzz is really hurt, the first thing she wants is to be held. Once that is taken care of, the next order of priority is demands for ice. As we hand over an ice-cube, she holds it to the injured area for a few seconds and then is happily seen licking on the ice-cube. As her hands get cold, the ice slips.

Uh-oh, Ice!!

The picking, licking, dropping game goes on for a while. Hurt forgotten.


6 thoughts on “Ice, she shouted..

  1. aww how shweet…and the licking part was the best..makes me realize..we all need ice at some point of time too..

  2. i dunno if i have to be mad that you kept us off buzz updates. or if i should happy that i get to read so many in one go!

    you are a strict mumma, comfy 😐

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