Baby you can drive my car

About 3 or so months back D was washing the car, while Buzz stood at the window of the house looking out in amazement. She called out to her Paa every few minutes wanting to go out to him. D thought about the near freezing temperatures and water and getting Buzz wet. Having made up his mind, he came in, dressed Buzz up in warm clothes, took her outside and made her sit inside the car. For the first time sitting in the car without her car seat, Buzz went exploring with delight. She hopped from one seat to the other. Once the novelty dwindled out, she finally settled for the driver seat..hands on the steering wheel, moving it one direction and then the other, mimicking how she sees us driving.

We were at a one year olds birthday party in a kid’s museum. Buzz ran around, playing with one thing and then the other. Till she turned a corner and came to a stop. Eyes huge, she gaped at the front of a real life truck. Scrambling up the stairs, she got to driver cabby and then waited patiently for the kids sitting on the driver seat to get up, to get her chance. Once there, she sat and pretended to drive, fiddling with the various dials, turning light on and off. She gave the seat up for other kids that came in, but that was where she stayed for the rest of the time we were at the party.

D parks the car after coming home and opens the straps of Buzz’s car seat. She points to the front of the car. D nods his head. With a smile on her face she makes her way to the front of the car, holds on to the steering wheel, drives the car, presses the buttons, plays around. The automatic light of the cars goes off. She stands up on the seat. D opens the door. Out she jumps in his hands. Dad and daughter, mutual admiration in place, walk inside the house.

Driving is so much fun and we can’t wait to get driving.

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