Learning as we go..

Sometimes, things Buzz does catches me by surprise. And leaves me amazed. Little things like, thank you and sorry and please and bless you. Or the way she shares toys and playing area with other kids. Or her sense of compassion as she asks for ice for a little kid who is hurt. For a minute I stop and wonder where she learned all she has learned from. And then it comes to me, from her daycare.

When we were looking for a daycare for Buzz, I happened to talk to a friend of mine and she told me about the daycare her son went to. She talked about how great the teachers were, how much her son had learned, how amazing the care was. As a parent, I was particular (OK OK obsessed) about where Buzz would go, the cleanliness of the place, the teacher to student ratio, the  kind of teachers. The list went on and on. Hence the recommendation from a friend was God send. So many of my obsessive points were taken care of. The rest got answered when I visited the place.

Now, I look back and am so glad with our decision to send Buzz there. I can’t say enough about how great her teachers are. For people who deal with 10-12 kids day in day out, the love they show to all of them through tantrums, tears, food and toys thrown around, diaper changes and sickness, leaves me awestruck. I have come to believe that it takes very special kind of people who can shower so much of their time and energy on someone else’s kids without once losing their temper. It takes very special kind of people to teach kids right from wrong with patience that sometimes even their parents lack. It takes very special kind of people for whom caring for kids is something more than a job, because a job can be done without putting so much effort in to it.

It is because of this care, this love, this level of teaching that Buzz has learned so many things. Again little things, which might not seem important and as a first time parents, we would not even know to teach her. But she is learning and becoming a great kid to have around. And so are we and becoming great parents to have around. We are growing with her, learning with her.

Some teachers are teachers for all ages, if we are open to learning. And I can’t be thankful enough that they are teachers to Buzz and us as well.


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